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I have had 6 sets of dentures over the last 20 years. I had good experiences with all of them except the set I got here at affordable dentures in Tulsa, OK.

I had a horrible experience with this office and I HATE my $1,000.00 dentures. They fit horribly. The bottom denture is so large that it kills me to put them in because it pulls the edges of my mouth terribly! The bottom makes me look like I have jetted my chin out!

It literally looks like I have one of those gauze rolls under my lip. They look ridiculous! They rock and do not remotely fit. They are so ill fitting I can hardly eat anything!

I wish I could attach a pic to this review! You would see that these things fit in my mouth crooked on one side. The people were so unprofessional! I have never been sighed at by a dentist!

I am not too hard to please. My bottom denture had broken so I decided to get a total new pair when I went to replace them. I told them I wanted them to be the same look and size of teeth as my old pair... omg...

I wish you could have seen what the first fitting looked like. These things were so bad looking. Nothing like the set I came in with. Nothing!

I told them that these would not work and they were so pissed at me! They made me feel bad for telling them that I did not want what they gave me first fitting. They kept saying “this is what you said you wanted. You said you wanted big teeth”.

And I did say I wanted bigger teeth but these were like horse teeth! Lol. And ugly horse teeth to boot! Lol...

the upper I brought in with me was perfect and the teeth were larger . What I had said was I wanted them to look like them. I never got what I wanted... I had to settle for really *** teeth and a really *** look and while they did redo them that day they never listened to what I wanted and complained and sighed doing it.

The dr and staff sucked!

Do not go here! You will regret that decision.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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You think you can get a PAIR of dentures fabricated for $1000 that are worth a hoot? Man, you must be smoking {{Redacted}}.

You have know idea want denture teeth, acrylic labor, fees, and all the work costs.

You won't get anything but junk for a thousand bucks!

Go to a cheap quickie denture mill and get something you cannot wear. Tell us something that is news next time, dude!


First off I am not a DUDE! LOL...

Are you even old enough for dentures? As for *** smoking... That would be a no! Lol...

I based my review off of the many other pairs of dentures I have bought that were in the same price range. They ALL were superior quality compared to these ill fitting ones I have now. And yes, for 1000.00 I expected better because I have gotten better. I have also paid 5,000 for a set and my Guntersville al Affordable Dentures were better than the 5,000.00 pair.

My uncle runs a dental lab so yes sonny I know the costs. Some people live on fixed incomes and cannot afford high dollar dentures.

Even though they may be made better. And as a consumer giving a review of an establishment I am allowed to comment and review my experience whether I spent a dollar or ten thousand dollars.


Well, if your uncle runs a dental lab, the first thing an intelligent patient would do is ask him which of dentists he works with sends him the most carefully-prepared denture cases. Lab technicians more than anyone else know which dentists do the best dentistry. Your uncle could have referred you to his best dentist customer, then he could have done your lab work for free, and the dentist would have discounted it from his fee!

The LAST THING a dental lab owner would tell you to do is go to a sloppy joint like Affordable Dentures!


My bad... I should have said my uncle RAN a dental lab before he died last year.

Plus we lived in different parts of the country. But we did do exactly what you mentioned when we lived by him and we did enjoy the discounts we received by him doing our work. Especially crowns! Not for me but for my husband.

Thanks for your EXPERT advice! I'm sure it will come in handy when I can scrape another 1,000.00 up to get a new pair of dentures.


Report ClydeDDS; he is abusing all who leave reviews on the chain and I need help getting him off this forum. This is the fifth time I have seen him shame a customer. He is a miserable person who needs help.


How do I do that? I agree! He is a real piece of work.


I reported him.


He will just change his name though. I can’t imagine having no life whatsoever to the point that my existence is filled by challenging valid consumer complaints.

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