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I went to Affordable denture's and implants for a partial....the first day I went there the partial did not was poor was uneven, it didn't fit at all....when I talked it fell down out of place....I paid 395dollars when I went back to get an adjustment it still didn't fit....I asked for a refund and they only gave me 275 dollars back...basic bottom line the dentist she was very rude and would not listen, and the staff was rude and obnoxious as well and was mad because I asked for a refund...they are a phony company that extorts people out they hard earned money....

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dental Service.

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Any partial denture for $395 will be certifiable junk. NOBODY can make any sort of decent partial denture for that little.

I charge $1900 each for mine, and they are worth every penny.

With a good metal framework, it can be relined, new teeth put in as time goes on, and the thing may last for 30 years. Choose ONE and only one: Cheap partials, or good partials.

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