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What a nightmare. After scouring the Internet and reading a lot of bad things.. Against my better judgement, I still made an appointment with Affordable Dentures and Implants. I should have trusted my gut and the hundreds of complaints filed against this business but I thought "I'm going for something simple, how badly could they screw it up?" Turns out, pretty damn badly.

After being quoted a price of $1900.00 and change, and having nasty goop put in my mouth 4 times, I finally meet the dentist. Dr. Hackney. I hate to put the prefix of Doctor in front of his name but for the sake of semantics, I must.

Once Hackney entered the room, he spent about 60 seconds before abruptly leaving without so much as a word and promptly sent his financial girl in to tell me the price would now be over $8,000! He wanted to replace all of my existing Implants with his own and if I wouldn't agree, he wouldn't make me a much needed new set of teeth. I was not exactly shocked when all the bad things I'd heard about this business came flooding back into my consiousness. The "upsell" was as blatant as they come and something I'd read about but wasn't entirely expecting as I'd already agreed to purchase their most expensive option.

When I asked to speak to Hackney about the situation, he sent another woman in to say that he was not inclined to address my concerns and issues in regards to my price going from under $2,000 to over $8,000.

The fact is..he's ALL ABOUT THE MONEY! Period.. And he doesn't even try to hide it once you're there. As soon as he found out I wasn't about to remove my perfectly good implants to replace them with his because he literally didn't carry the correct locater rings to make a proper snap in denture for me, he had no further use for me. I was left covered in goop, with broken teeth in my hand and a completely wasted day. I'd even opened a care credit account prior to my appointment to pay for my new teeth.. So that was a waste as well at least for this business.

This experience has shaken my faith in the professional standards of the Heath care field and those who are associated with allowing this level of debauchery to continue to victimize unsuspecting individuals. Be warned. You will be taken advantage of all in the name of the almighty dollar and if you won't pay the price he feels like charging you, you're screwed.

I've since seen a reputable local dentist whose been in practice for 34 years, whose ensured me that my existing Implants are fine and that I'm one of the lucky ones because I got out before it was too late and I was left with a substandard product from a substandard "Dentist" from a substandard "denture mill"

Don't be like me and hope you're one of the lucky ones who gets a great product at a reasonable price because it simply doesn't exist. I'll be paying a couple hundred dollars more than their $1,900 ultimate fit at my local dentists office and it won't be done overnight but the old adage.. You get what you pay for seems to fit quite well to this situation. If I'd have been willing to pay $6,000+ more, who knows how great they'd have treated me but I do know that the second I refused, I was treated horribly. Please save yourself the trouble and do your business locally.. With reputable professionals and don't waste your time on these scammers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentistry Doctor.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You got it all figured out. Congratulations.

Most victims are not as smart as you are. The problem is nobody but hacks works in these low-paying denture mills for long.

And that includes Dr. HACKney!

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