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Been in and out of this place in Moline, Ill. and had the worst care I have ever had.

Had just the bottoms pulled, that was a nightmare with this so called Dr Carlos and my bottoms don't fit at all. Cream won't even keep them glued down when I eat anything, now that another Dr has filed them down to nothing. I am very miserable and can't even eat in public anymore. Have to save money for my new teeth and a lawyer.

These Offices should be CLOSED.

Contact American Dental Association. Call 312-440-2500!

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Terrible place. Woke up at home.

Son picked me up after surgery and found me outside.

I have no memory of that day and they should have watched me till I was picked up. Made me *** bottom dentures and would not return my calls.


The worst experience I've ever had with any dentist. They steal your money then give such bad service that you don't want to go back. Extremely unprofessional place of business

Omaha, Nebraska, United States #1316444

Had 16 extracted ,caught pneumonia, had a metalic spot in esophagus, later coughed out tooth embedded in esophagus, the spot was on chest x-ray. What the ***?


Would like to talk to anybody that is in process of sueing affordable dentures and how I can do this or is there a class action maybe.not happy

Erie, Pennsylvania, United States #1275548

I too had a horrible experience still trying to deal with it

Florence, South Carolina, United States #1212830

I paid Affordable Dentures in advance for their premium denture deal which included a second denture to be made at a time of my choice in a ten year period. After four failed attempts to make my dentures fit correctly, they simply refused to honor their contract.

I filed a complaint with the office in Columbia,SC, which was a joke.

In spoke to several attorneys but no one was willing to help me because their was not enough money involved. I would like to be included in a class action suit if any attorney is willing to take this case.

to Anonymous #1463372

Me to my name is Lisa Watkins in Conroe Texas they took all my teeth in the Dentures won't work and I'm a hairdresser did not tell me I would be off work for a week nor did they tell me any treatment plan and didn't do anything right from the beginning my number is 936-718-1432 Lisa Watkins victim of affordable dentures in Conroe Texas

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #1201138

Went to affordable and they are full of ***. The TV in the office sucks you into believing that you will have the best treatment....its like a cow farm.

My denture was filed so thin that he went through it and I go back in next week to have him fix it. I purchased the ultimate package. And paid extra for customs instead of economy and the economy denture sample looks way better then my customs and I have a crooked smile. Nothing can be done.

Corporate chooses not to take any responsibility what so ever for what these people are doing.

I'm out 6k. Where is this class action lawsuit?


They pulled all my teeth oct 29 2015 , pushed me thru so fast did not know what was going on. Got xrays showed new dentest they pulled all my bottoms which were all good teeth have temp dentures I will never be able to were because of bone under tongue, they are unethical new dr said never should have been pulled, I am in Redding ca and as of tomorrow new dr told me to have a hearing of their peers.

Money should be refunded and I guess hopefully something done for lower dentures had no cavities broken teeth or anything one abcess.

I am terrified of not getting bottom fixed. Don't want to sue want fixed and for them never to do this to another person.


I had my upper teeth removed and was excited to have teeth that no longer hurt when I tried to eat. Going there was the BIGGEST mistake I could have made!!!

I paid over $1700 and after going back and making them remake my upper denture it still wont fit! It constantly gags me wont stay in place. The assistant tole me "you need to get the implants" I asked her "Why would I want to spend another $1900 for something if I am not satisfied now??? She replied "So you can have teeth again".

I am wondering if this is their standard practice? Make lousy fitting dentures so we would be more or less forced to invest in costly implants?

to Me #884524

When I went in the office the first time I told the Dr. I didn't want to get stuck with a denture I couldn't wear.

I was assured many times that would never happen. Well guess what? I have a denture that I can't wear and am now very paranoid about going out in public looking like this.

My husband was going to get dentures also but after what I went through he refuses to go to the same place. How I wish there was an Attorney that could help all of us.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #821959

Had a decent experience, went for a consult at local office in my town for upper denture was $2000 plus!

Went to affordable dentures, had teeth removed and temporary and going to have new one made in the end after a few months Fee was 1500 and that included everything. Definitely not the best, but for the money its good. Couldn't afford anything else, plus its a denture......I know my real teeth were the best I had.

Charleston, South Carolina, United States #597398

I also had the most horrable experience ever.I had 26 teeth pulled at one time.and what was suppose to be a 30 min. proceidure took over 2 hours.

He got down to 4 final teeth to pull the needle he was useing, was not working so he looked at me and said that this was going to hurt, he then leaned over me and pulled them out as I felt all the pain. He then sent me home with no antibotice and when I returned with a severe infection, the other doctor on staff informed me that when pulling that many teeth, it's like having surgery and I needed the antibotics in the beginning. since then,there are so many bone fragments that I'm always in great pain,can't wear my dentures and can only eat soft foods.It has been over a year since this has happened and I'm still in pain and misserable.

Please feel free to e-mail if you get any answers. Thank you,...jbradley143@hotmail.com

Suffolk, Virginia, United States #595621

I was a "practice owner". When you find the class attorney, please e-mail me at docvirgil@gmail.com. The only thin that they do id take your money same day.

to Dockym #1076809

If you are a practice owner if I took a picture of my upper denture could you tell me if it is the economy dentures I should have had the custom and I'm positive it's not also is this a common practice?

to Dockym #1463373

My name is Lisa Watkins was ripped up to $4,000 missed a week of work they never told me never got a consultation from the doctor only saw him when you put my teeth I've lost 10 to 15 pounds can't eat can't work please call me at 936-718-1432 I'm in it for a class action lawsuit and video to all my experiences

to Lisa watkins #1465210

My mom is going through the same thing in Newport News, va. My email is Eva.ferreiranns@gmail.caom please email me so i can know how to go from here she is in agonizing pain every single day. Has lost 30 pounds and NO ONE will help her


Your grammar sucks things that should have a period has a question mark. All I want fo' nex' krizmaz iz ma bottom teef! Lol

to I only got 2 teef Newport News, Virginia, United States #657507

Have some compassion, the lady was in pain for a year. I am currently looking for someone to place a crown over a sensitive tooth that has a filling placed 40 years ago, so I know about tooth pains.


After having a nightmare to get my first temporary upper, I had 5 permanent uppers made. All were a failure, one worse as the last.

That's 5 workdays lost above what I paid for the premium plan. I had gone in two times after, but do to the job I had to leave by 10:30 without being seen. I gave up. About a year and a half later my temp.

is loose and I have no options. I would have never had my teeth pulled if this was going to be the outcome.

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