Davenport, Iowa
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Been in and out of this place in Moline, Ill. and had the worst care I have ever had.

Had just the bottoms pulled, that was a nightmare with this so called Dr Carlos and my bottoms don't fit at all. Cream won't even keep them glued down when I eat anything, now that another Dr has filed them down to nothing. I am very miserable and can't even eat in public anymore. Have to save money for my new teeth and a lawyer.

These Offices should be CLOSED.

Contact American Dental Association. Call 312-440-2500!

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Im on bord $ 1000 for *** work


Forget "class action". Each complainant has his/her own story.

There is no pattern of similar/identical malfeasance over a wide group of participants. "Class action" drags on for years and usually results in either : A) nothing or (B) a pittance of sttlement.


Affordable Dentures is a bad joke but the joke will be on you if you go there. RUN!


Affordable Dentures in Conover North Carolina it's too much to explain in a comment I need to speak to an attorney buy phone if possible


Terrible place. Woke up at home.

Son picked me up after surgery and found me outside.

I have no memory of that day and they should have watched me till I was picked up. Made me *** bottom dentures and would not return my calls.


The worst experience I've ever had with any dentist. They steal your money then give such bad service that you don't want to go back. Extremely unprofessional place of business


I agree. DDS In Dennison Texas, strung me along almost a year, I continued to go back to get what I paid for!

Until they ask me to leave today and wouldn't allow me to talk with a dentist, and never finished my clip on dentures. Will not fit, never did, wouldn't stay in because they did not know what they were doing! I'm working with an Attorney. Would like your story with this place.

They just got tired of me coming in because I refused to give in and stop going in, as they wanted..........They have not finished what I paid for! Was nearly year long nightmare! still dentures won't fit.

Was told by lab tec, that my only option was to "live with it"! I don't think so!

@Kathy Sturm

Same problem in Meridian, Ms. That's exactly why I'm on the internet today. Doing research and finding out what my options/ chances are of getting this resolved, with or without the expense of an attorney.


Had 16 extracted ,caught pneumonia, had a metalic spot in esophagus, later coughed out tooth embedded in esophagus, the spot was on chest x-ray. What the ***?


Would like to talk to anybody that is in process of sueing affordable dentures and how I can do this or is there a class action maybe.not happy


I'm in the same position with the Dentures Dental Services (DDS) In Denison Texas! I Need all imput, info and experiences who've been hurt, and taken advantage of from this place.

They take your money and don't give a flip what they send you home with.

We cannot allow this treatment to continue. United we Stand.


I too had a horrible experience still trying to deal with it


I paid Affordable Dentures in advance for their premium denture deal which included a second denture to be made at a time of my choice in a ten year period. After four failed attempts to make my dentures fit correctly, they simply refused to honor their contract.

I filed a complaint with the office in Columbia,SC, which was a joke.

In spoke to several attorneys but no one was willing to help me because their was not enough money involved. I would like to be included in a class action suit if any attorney is willing to take this case.


Me to my name is Lisa Watkins in Conroe Texas they took all my teeth in the Dentures won't work and I'm a hairdresser did not tell me I would be off work for a week nor did they tell me any treatment plan and didn't do anything right from the beginning my number is 936-718-1432 Lisa Watkins victim of affordable dentures in Conroe Texas


I'm in with a class action lawsuit with DDS in Dennison Texas. Contact Me........

@Kathy Sturm

Can I do it if I'm in California.?

@Kathy Sturm

My email is lcappello22@gmail.com


They suck. What can we do about it anyOne had luck with an attorney


You would think a young upcoming attorney somewhere would see these posts here or somewhere else about possible class action cases around....you know.... like the old fashion ambulance chasers...lol


Went to affordable and they are full of ***. The TV in the office sucks you into believing that you will have the best treatment....its like a cow farm.

My denture was filed so thin that he went through it and I go back in next week to have him fix it. I purchased the ultimate package. And paid extra for customs instead of economy and the economy denture sample looks way better then my customs and I have a crooked smile. Nothing can be done.

Corporate chooses not to take any responsibility what so ever for what these people are doing.

I'm out 6k. Where is this class action lawsuit?

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