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Affordable Dentures, REALLY

I am not sure if you want ME to give feedback on this place.

With my lowers dentures in my mouth I have pain . They knew t I had pain before left .

With these dentures in I can't even talk . I sound like I have a speech impediment. I can't even imagine trying to eat with these things.

She said I have to get use to them and to use sea bond . Oh wow , the amount of glue they expect me to use was insanely unreal.

I would be going thur a tube of poligrip everyday .

I was expecting a better service with the amount that was spent, over $1,000. for something that is impossible to use. REALLY

Why call it affordable dentures .

I feel it is not so affordable if you walk out with this mess. Get use to the dentures, that’s what they told me. Not even 24 hrs and I have sores on my gums.

Maybe PAINFUL DENTURES is more like it.

Wow this is crazy , I told them I have to go to Florida in 2 weeks.

So now I have to go with lower dentures I can't wear.

NOW WHAT DO I DO ,Instead off getting ready to go I am going to spend all that time going back to this office. A whole day of waiting in the lobby.. So, how many days do I have to take off of work to get affordable dentures ? Go back next week and a week after ?

Really, oh my lord, that is what she told me.


With the attitude they had toward me leaving with these dentures

I feel as I wasted my money.

Now the thing is do they fix them. All those nurse or secretaries out in the hall right behind the room I was in laughing away . Why because I was talking to someone in lobby.

And joking I said I bet him $20. That he will get out before I do. Cause he seen it too,

Everyone that came after me went in and left before me. I was waiting when they came it and still waiting when they left. We were joking about it just trying to make the wait a bit easier. The nurse in the hall even asked me if I had $20.00

They have nothing better to do ?


Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Reason of review: Poor service.

Monetary Loss: $1065.

Preferred solution: Fix my denture before I leave to Florida in 2 weeks .

Affordable Dentures Cons: Anything at all.

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All your life, dentists told you to take care of your teeth, didn't they? Because dentists know that the average denture patient is not really that happy after all their teeth are removed.But you knew better, didn't you?

You did not listen, and had all your teeth extracted, even canine roots that could be saved.

And you did it not at a competent dentist's office, but a corporate denture mill.Now you are in a pickle.Politicians are being bought off by swindlers that own these corporate dental clinics, so don't expect any help from them. You went to a corporate clinic instead of an independent dentist, and you have to live with the consequences.


*** NO, I am not living with this crap,I am relentless , I WILL NOT SETTLE FOR THIS.They are going to fix this , even if it kills me,I will not be taken for a rideFrom these A-HOLESI am so tired of being taken advantage offThis is so your.I went to my dentist yesterday and asked him for his opinionHe said I” I could put my finger in between your dentures and gums, Maybe they gave you someone’s else’s dentures. Go back , tell them to fix them, After time it will cause my uppers to be unaligned and promblems with the bone, nevertheless the infects you’ll get from things being stuck under the dentures “I am not going to have these problems cause of affordable dentures messing up my dentures after paying them over $1,000. For just the lower denture .Thanks anywayBut I am off for s major headache and I know it


At this point, just tell them you want your money back. If they refuse, complain to your state and local dental licensing board and take them to small claims court. Remember, tho that they are called "Affordable Dentures" not "well-made" dentures.


It probably will take a year and a day to get any official of Virginia to help.I really don’t believe they care, unless your a lobbyistThank you so much for your replyAs you could see I am still a little pissed offAffordable dentures my as@

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