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Waited over a year and payed them $500.00 while in progressing pain. After paying the initial fee and $250.00 for X Ray's my it took 9 months for me to find out that they hadn't submitted the proper paperwork to my insurance company.

When I tried to explain this to them they told me that my insurance company was incorrect. Not only would they not resubmit the proper paperwork to my insurance company, they treated me like a was bothering them. Finally I got a letter in the mail from affordable dentures Yakima saying that they would not be able to treat me. And they gave no explanation at all.

Basically just thanks for the $500.00 sucker. I feel violated. They should be closed down for such unethical services.

I'm considering small claims court, but probably won't waste another day thinking about this place. If you can't afford a better office and have the time, research Los algodones Mexico, it's worth it in the end, I promise

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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You are an adult. Why didn't you just submit a claim to the insurance company yourself for the dentures?

It is simple enough to do. Why is it the dentist's job to do all the insurance legwork for you. You have NO CASE AT ALL in court just because they did not process an insurance claim.

There is no requirement in the law that dentists submit insurance claims.

You wanted cheap dentures so you went to that seedy place. Good luck getting an American Dentists to adjust a denture you have made in Mexico.

Eva W

Again, super unhelpful, crude, and I see DDS next to your name so will be sure to avoid ALL Clyde's associated with dental care.

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