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The receptionist @ Affordable Dentures was polite over the phone and at the office. I repeatedly asked her if the $25.00 "Consultation Fee" was all that I would be charged for a "consultation".

The receptionist assured me that that is all it would cost me to find out what type of 'Dental Package' I would need. I filled out the paperwork, but hesitated to sign the paper titled "Treatment Consent" which stated verbatim:" All of my questions have been answered to my satisfaction. I confirm that I have read this form or it was read to me. I agree and consent to the above treatment plan presented to me by the dentist and I understand the treatment options presented to me." I had NOT seen the dentist yet!

I was further informed that I needed to have a $75.00 ex-ray BEFORE I could even consult with the dentist!! I scooped up ALL MY Paperwork and Left!!

This is clearly a SCAM~~BAIT & SWITCH~~ Google the "FRONTLINE" TV program "Dental Care Rip-Offs" before going here!! I don't even know if he was a nice person, I never got to meet him, which I would have liked to do BEFORE he yanks ALL my teeth out of my head!!

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Savannah Georgia's office is dumber than a box of rocks....silly *** is all I can say...however, I am thankful they do not know how to take a blood pressure and gave my mother not 1 but 3 false high readings on a automatic blood pressure machine and refused to perform services requested, otherwise I wonder if she would have made it out alive. Her BP is perfect manually, as a RN, I have taken it numerous times.

Wow...BEWARE!!!!! :x

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