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Bought dentures 4/28 took two days to receive them, I don't live in Tyler TX. They made a mold of my new denatures from my old worn out dentures, which maybe me have to come back because teeth was crooked.

Because old dentures where wore out. Make a mold of my old dentures not a good start I should have left then. Since then I can't wear the bottoms they rub bad. Went back the worked on them another day, still hurt.

Broke front teeth off uppers eating celery was told to come over, got there for 3 hours was then told to come next day, after the whole day for just replacing the tooth, another day. Then 5 days later broke 2nd tooth off bottoms by eating a jelly bean. Called to set appointment they hung up cause I said I'd like my money back, had to call back to find when they wanted me to come in, another day!

One day(yeah right) dentures have cost me 5 days and now I'M going back again.

They hung up on me asking for my money back. I want my money back!

I'd rather go where it cost me twice as much money like I did last time had them for 6 years no problems they just wore down, I just wanted new teeth what a mistake.

Monetary Loss: $880.

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