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bought dentures ..from from beginning this office makes you wait & wait only to rush you right out of there after you get back in the room..I had told them they are not right and tryed to explain why they are not right ...they wouldnt listen to me & rushed me out of there..EVERY TIME! so of course I am dreading to go back..being I have to drive about 1 hr 1/2 EACH WAY...not to mention they want you to be there by 7:30 am..and not to mention the COST OF GAS & wear & tear on my vehicle..BUT I have to go dentures are unwearable & I cant go any where cause I dont have I go back again..the Dr.

says Oh Yes..we are going to make you a brand new pair..FINALLY!! so they make them..then I tell him they are too small now..he no no...they are fine..and REMEMBER he have a yr to get adjustments made.. then he rushes me out of usual now I am stuck with teeth that are STILL not dreading to go back AGAIN..I soon as I get there the office lady says right away do I have a appt? I said no..then she proceeded to say the other dr.

is no longer there & now they take appts only..but they ended up squeezing me I walk back there Dr. walks in & asked why it took me so long to come back? its been 6 months..he askes why didnt I didnt tell the last Dr..I said I did..he said well its not in the notes..I said well of course not..why would it? he wouldnt agree with the Dr is yelling at me..well your time is way past..I cant help you..then 2 other ladies came in yelling at me..I was stunned!!!!

instead of saying..let me help you so your teeth are correct for you & you can eat & have a life....they didnt even say there will be a charge?..I would have been willing at this point to pay again..even if it was not my fault..I just need my teeth to fit correctly so I can go out & have a Life again..but no..they didnt sit down & talk to me..they came in yelling! and wanted no part in helping I said they didnt even say.."the charge will be" ect ect..they should have handled this in a much better unprofessional..

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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My wife has the same problem teeth will not fit very rude they say I have to use glue $765.00 down the drain were do we gon now ?????? Charles Ba

rton 7 /21/ 15


I went to Affordable Dentures in Winchester. Everything was perfect.

Price was right. Staff was nice.

Dentures look great. Recommend highly.


I just read ya'lls comments, & hope, that like myself, you will stay away from any affordable dentures, please believe, winchester, va is a nightmare. After dealing with a very rude staff, the "dentists" were no better, in fact worse.

I was told I would look *** with fake teeth.

Needless to say, I walked out! Lesson learned -I am now goin to a real dentist, close to home, & his prices are more affordable!


oh i get you i went to have dentures made and a partial... i didnt have my teeth pulled there was gettingthem pulled somewhere else which didnt make them happy.

They handed me my dentures an partial in a baggie full of water didnt even compare them at all.

Now when i went and had my teeth surgically removed the upper denture did not fit it was tooo big. really now the day after surgery i have to go to the bristol tn office and deal with the rude employees of this place.


OH...I forgot to the end of all this the assistants came back in & told me they would refund me about $250 BUT I HAVE TO LEAVE MY TEETH..are you serious? that is the way to help your customers & the PERFECT way to do business!!! wow..I am STILL in shock over this..The way I was treated was unbelievable...they are always in a hurry to get you out of there..they dont care what you look like or if they fit you..they are simply too busy for you...

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