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I opted for the economy dentures due to cost and the same-day service. They are my third set since 2000, so I thought I knew what to expect with adjustments.

After perhaps my 6th or 7th revisit, I was told what I had was as good as it would be and there was to bo no thought of a refund or evenn partial rebate. I was also told that I wouldn't even be able to *** into a cheeseburger, and don't even consider corn-on-the-cob or ribs. This shouldn't be the case. With both my previous sets I could easily eat both, as long as the adhesive was relatively fresh.

On the upside both the dental tech were very pleasant, and I suspect the overall attitude is because of the dentist herself. I would certainly NOT recommend these people or their product, despite their prices.

Monetary Loss: $510.

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My main complaint is that I was told I had 60 days of included adjustment visits. This was not the case. Both earlier sets required multiple adjustments too secure a proper fit, and the second was through a dental college.

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You got the economy bottom of the barrel dentures. What did you expect?

If you wanted top grade teeth you should of opted for the higher price dentures. You got what you paid for.

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In this day and age, Why should anyone get what they pay for?

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