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When I went to the Mesquite location on 7/13/18 I was told I need have pain medicine after 17 extractions that would be done the following Monday. I assumed they read my paperwork with the list of my non narcotic medicine I take regularly.

NOPE! THEY DID NOT! I left with dentures in my mouth. Not even offered guaze.

Bleeding everywhere. MY husband tells me they don't want to give me anything for pain!! No one discussed anything with me!! My husband sat me in our vehicle,ran back in there and was able to get me a little bit of Tylenol 3.

If someone would have talked to me or read about my medical history, they would have realized that's like giving me a TIC-TAC. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL AND SADISTIC!

I'm still bleeding and in pain. Telling everyone I know not to go here!

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Tooth Extraction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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An experienced retired dentist friend of mine decided he wanted to get out of the house and work a couple of days a week, so decided to try working at Affordable Dentures.That didn't last long. He was shocked that the dental ASSISTANTS tried to tell him which teeth to extract on patients!

Assistants with no dental school at all were treatment planning patients for extractions and dentures!

Can you believe that?Don't even think of going to shyster outfits like this. Your health is too important.


that is just how they are, a denture mill. as their budget denture they advertise cost less than 2$ to make per arch in teeth and other supplies.

it's all about production and money. they have such a turn over rate of employee's, it is just unreal. would not recommend this place to anyone. just like i would never recommend going to stanton or one hour lens's.

i may pay more, but i go to a real dentist, and a real optometrist, but well worth it in the long run..

feel sorry for people who have to rely on these places for their teeth, as once they have you in the door it is nothing but upsell.. they have there monthly quota they have to meet, or go without.


exactly, really false not affordable, they scam con and torture

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