Having a problem with Affordable Dentures in Albany N.Y.... would like to hear from other customers having problems with the denture or the dentist who is so rude and could care less if you're satisfied with their denture..i have left her office crying and the denture pinching my gum,my lip hangs over my teeth so you don't see them when i talk,in the three visits since the temporary she has never once checked my mouth or asked me any questions regarding how i might be dealing with the denture.i won't go back

Store Location: Albany, New York

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I had a ful upper dentureMADE in April 2011 and it never fit right IT IS TO THICK and I *** I can't talk or eat with them I told the dentist and he is working to fix it or I will get another opinion and talk to other dentist to fix the problen $1900.00 cash I had to borrow. and I can't use them.. what can I do I TOLD HIM WHAT WAS WRONG AND HE SAID IT IS A GOOD DENTURE i *** TOO MUCH..i WOULDN'T *** IF THEY FIT RIGHT i HAVE HAD A 9 TOOTH PARTIAL FOR 8 YEARS AND THEY ALWAYS FIT RIGHT,,i DIDN'T EVEN KNOW THEY WERE IN.W.HAT ELSE CAN i DO???


I had uppers made in Va. by a fantastic dentist.

Never had to wear polident, etc. beautiful and wonderful fit. He also made by partial that I've worn for years..never any problems. Then I needed 8 pulled on the bottom and went to affordable dentures in Kinston, NC.

This has been the worst experience of my life. Had to go to dentist here to get 4 pieces of bone removed. Still have 2 large pieces sticking out in the rear that won't allow me to wear the bottom plate. They pulled them, gums are so rough I will never be able to wear them with any piece or satisfaction.

The plate sits out about a 1/4 inch in the front and back. They tell me it will take 6 mo's before they fit right. That's BS. It never took me any time to wear the uppers or partial, because they fit and were of good quality.

These are the darndest I've ever seen, and I've taken pic's.

One more try and then the attorney, I'm not being taken advantage of like this.get om touch with me if you've had or have a problem, we'll get a good attorney to represent us, even if it takes a class action suite. hdavis11@ec/rr/com


i also went to the albany office of affordable dentures the lady dentist there is rude and crude does not give a hoot about the patient she told me i got what i paid for yeah my new upper denture from the moment i had them put in were loose and the front teeth stick out she said i would have to pay for reline at 175 $ isaid what they are brand new tough i was told i called thier main office in n.carolina told same thing they sure have all the good words to say before you pay in full up front after that its ripoff


I can't totally agree with you all. No compassion, she could care less about her patients or her staff.

File with the BBB and the Attorney Generals Office if that's what you need to do. You are the patient, you need to be satisfied. You can also try the NY state dental board.

It's not right to be treated inhumanly, and be pushed out the door like a nothing. Good luck and I wish you the best.


dear labornurse54, thank you for responding .are you from the albany ny area?i would like to hear back from you or any one in albany ny who has had a bad experience with this company


I hate to tell you this but you probably have to do what I ahve done nad that is to get a lawyer and fight.I have the worst set of partials you ahve ever seen in your life.The metal edges cut into my gims and inside jaw.I went in for numerous adjustments just a waste of time.When I talked to some in the main HQ out of NC they talked down to me.this may me go from being nice to angry an wanting my money back for substandard products,another dentist looked at them and told me that I should get back every cent spent and then some for pain and suffering.Don't let the get away with cheating you.

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