While visiting Affordable Dentures (Conington,Ga.), (6) times, in attempts to get my so called "Custom Dentures" I had the JOY of dealing with the locations owner, Dr.Inge.

I have never dealt with a more unprofessional individual in all of my 43 years. His complete lack of chairside manner or ability to simply listen to his patients comments or questions is unbelievable!

After (6) 75 mile round trips and countless hours of waiting. Having (4) wax try-ins and (2) sets of dentures made...he simply threw them in the trash.

I told him that he wasn't the one who had to wear them (18) hours a day and if he'd just listen and quite grinding half of the teeth off I'd be able to fine tune the adjustment myself. Since oviously he couldn't or should I say wouldn't?

His comment was quite simple...you don't have to wear them either. If you don't want them I'll give you your money back! So he threw them in the trash.

I'm waiting for my refund to be mailed to me now and I'm searching for a real dentist!!

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