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It began with my walking into the front office, slipping on the floor, ending up on the floor with a dreadful bruise on one hand when I had attempted to break my fall but instead hitting the side of it on the edge of the desk. A later inventory shows bruises on my other forearm, shoulder,knee and strained shoulders. I had to ask for ice and a way to wrap my hand. The first question from the nurse (as opposed to the billing clerk) was was I OK. How I was supposed to know that seconds after I hit the floor I do not know. I never was offered anyone who could give a medical opinion.

So... then I started with the paper work. I was supposed to sign my agreement to forms that were not filled out. The clerk's attitude was that I was wrong for not wanted to agree to something I knew nothing about. My whole feeling about the financial side of "affordable" dentures is they are NOT. They talk about a cost of $499 for a full set of dentures. I ended up having to pay $1695. Now I will grant that I had extractions and that understandably that added to the total but the overall effect is bait and switch for sure.

The dentist herself is pleasant and efficient but she only uses local anesthetic. I had thought to bring some Xanex wtih me and she "let" me take it. During the extraction process, I was feeling very cold and asked for a blanket which they did not have.

The dentures themselves did not fit at first. I have implants and the impressions taken should have enabled the dental lab to build dentures that would fit around them. The Doctor made some changes (out of my sight) and then used polygrip to keep the dentures from sliding around.

I have to go back next week to recheck everything. I have prescriptions for antibiotics and pain killers. I've had to take the pain killer twice a day so far.

The dentures themselves are pretty but not very natural looking. I did get what I wanted - a one day trip to the dentist and the ability to have a much nicer smile than when I walked in but I am not even remotely likely to recommend this practice to anyone.



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Monetary Loss: $300.

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So a few days after I wrote the above review I looked at the website more carefully than I had done before and noticed that the "Extraction Fee" when the "New Denture Wearer Package" was purchased was listed at $65.00. I was charged $95 - for 5 extractions.

When I went in for a relining this week I asked for a refund. I didn't get the relining or a refund.

I have now gone to the Better Business Bureau and mailed a formal refund request which will allow me to complain to the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners, Enforcement Division because of false advertising.


Let's review your case. You had implants placed, which complicates the construction of dentures considerably.

Even without implants, constructing upper and lower dentures that fit well, look pleasing and natural, and allow good pronunciation and chewing is a daunting task that requires a lot of work, superb impressions, and excellent lab support. In my practice, at least 5 appointments, and usually 6, plus several adjustment appointments.

Dealing with the implants requires expensive transfer copings and analogues, to reproduce implant position accurately in the impression. Add to that the fact that you had extractions the same appointment, which adds inherent inaccuracy to the procedure.

And you tried to get all this complicated work done as cheaply and quickly as you could, without regard to how well it was done. You did not even think to question them about how they were going to accomplish all this.

Denture patients like you are simply incredible.

I cannot believe how gullible they are. The only three things they want is cheap, cheap, cheap. Then they cannot understand why the result is mediocre at best, and write complaints on websites like this.

Going to cheap clinics like this for such a complicated case virtually guarantees you treatment failure. Next you will have to pay a reputable dentist to do the whole thing over right.



The TV ads for Affordable Dentures promise same day service. I got that and I have not complained about it.

Their business model is Bait and Switch, however and I will complain about that and their uncaring attitude to an injured patient.

If I could afford the sort of work you are discussing, I would do it.

The implants I have cost thousands of dollars but I no longer have that sort of money.

All I want is for the dentist to actually do what their ads and websites say they will.


It is impossible to fabricate a good denture in two visits. The bare minimum is five.

It is possible to fabricate a denture inaccurately in two visits, but it is virtually impossible that it will fit well and look decent.

It is impossible to fabricate any sort of denture that attaches to implants in two visits. Implants add quite a bit of complexity to the case.

The lesson to learn is one Mark Twain spoke about over a hundred years ago.

"At the beginning of a man's education, he should be able to pick up the newspaper and dismiss all the advertisements as lies. At the end of his education, he should be able to dismiss most of the rest is what is printed in the newspaper as well."

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