affordable dentures is a rip off.its like they really take pride in treating patients poorly by lying, making false customer satisfaction promises, shotty workmanship, stealing your money up front,talking down to you like your some kind of ***.

I was trying to get my dentures in the same day so I ignored the danger signs that where evident when i step up to the receptionist window. when that woman told me they did one impression of your teeth and they dont let you try them on to see if they fit correctly i should have turned around and quietly walked out of that office. Instead I went for the scam that if I purchased the custom dentures I would be fitted correctly to my liking. before the impressions were done and sent to the lab i asked for my money back.

you should have seen how they begged me to get back in that chair to make a third try at molding my teeth. by then the jig was up and my patience was overloaded with the imcompetence of this company. From 7:30 am to 4:00 pm i lisened to the complaints in the waiting area of the patients who hoped beyond hope to get the dentures repaired, lined ,fixed, purchased the same day, just like me. By 4:00 pm (closing time) 30 patients sat in the waiting area while the examining rooms remained empty.

( they were biding their time till closing). Dr. Bruce Gray at this durham, north carolina office at 5606 Apex Highway should feel embarassed and ashamed of the way they treat their patients. Unless of course he is a cold hearted human being that I suspect he is.

He would have to be to run a business this way.I plan to take him to small claims court and exposing his office for the thieves they are.

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Zebulon, North Carolina, United States #1302881

I got my temp dentures and perm dentures approx 7 yrs ago...yes I have had my dentures for 7 yrs...

I will be going to Dr Gray again and getting a new set...

well worth the money if you don't have insurance...and no one knows I wear dentures unless I tell them...


I completely disagree with this.Dr Gray is so helpful and patient.

He is very kind and appreciates his patients.The Staff is also very friendly.


The Affordable Dentures office was very helpful and friendly. I so appreciate there time and efforts. My dentures work so well.


Dr.Gray is a wonderful dentist.

If affordable is so bad, don't go back!!They have satisfied thousands of patients throughout the country.

to tammy Houston, Texas, United States #717639

U sure u dont work there?

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