I booked my appointment with the elderly, Dr Ganley from green bay affordable dentures after being refereed to her by the affordable dentures corporate head Virginia Howards *who by the way wont return phone calls* as i was having issues with the service(or lack there of) i was receiving from the affordable dentures in milwaukee with dr donnie rivera. The finally agreed to do a full refund so i set up my appointment for green bay almost a month in advance.

Today was my appointment, as prompted, i arrived on time, and filled out the paperwork they asked me to do. they sat me in the dentist chair where i got the pleasure of waiting for 45 minutes for this old hag to come in. Finally the "doctor" arrives in my room, asks me my name, and goes right into telling me she's not accepting me as a patient as i called corporate on my last dentist, and she "didnt want to get involved with that"

in other words, let me sum this up for you. instead of telling me this over the phone, i drove 4 hours with my family and took off of work to be told by this old bat she wouldnt handle my treatment because she feared me sharing feedback on her work.

THAT should speak volumes to you right there!!! She was rude, and unpleasant, and completely unethical on her timing of telling me that i wouldn't be getting my teeth taken care of. because of her, i'm requesting a full refund and going to aspen dental. i'd rather pay out of my nose than be treated like a *** pawn in this doctor against patient game they have going on.

dont bother calling corporate, not only is virgina howard wrong about most of the information she gave me, she also did me the solid pleasure of setting me up with an appointment with a doctor that was unwilling to see me. slow clap guys, you lost my business!!!!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Affordable Dentures Cons: How they handled me from start to finish, Dr ganley.

Location: Green Bay, Wisconsin

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The most amazing part of your story is you drove 4 hours to go to a crumby clinic like this. No telling how many good dentists could have made good dentures for you within 5 miles of where you live. Are you seeking the crumbiest places to get dental care on purpose?


I actually did go to Aspen Dental. I was trying to do this on a budget in 2015 when my entire ordeal began, and if you read the beginning i was beyond happy with the treatment i got from my first dentist at affordable dentures.

the work performed was done well, and correct, and the dentures provided were to my liking. i had no issues with this office until the managing dentist changed. the issue here is NOT the work done, it was the manor and service that was given after the change to Dr Rivera.

I did decide to go to Aspen Dental for my final set. I love my dentist and his bedside manor.

he's not continuously trying to sell me something, but i will say, his ComfyLyte dentures are coming in right under 4 grand. Top of the line dentures at affordable dentures ran me 1,630$ that's more than half the cost. I apologize for only being able to slam $5050 for my work to get done. i chose a change in office to see if i could simply change treating dentists.

That's totally within reason, considering all my work was paid for in cash, a transfer of offices would allow me to utilize my funds.

so to answer your question, no i was not in the market for the crumbiest place to get dental care from, i was in search of fixing my oral needs without selling my first born to do so. (duh) Thanks for the feedback!!


Guess you did not read the scores of complaints against Aspen Dental about teeth falling out of the Comfylyte dentures.The material does not bond to denture teeth as well as conventional methyl-methacrylate normal dentists use.

Gosh for the amount your spent at Aspen you could have had a prosthodontist fabricate dentures. And you think corporate chains save you money, or are TV ads just so convincing for you????

Such clinics are revolving doors for employee dentists. Next time you go to Aspen with a denture problem, that nice dentist will be long gone.


How funny is this?

You go to one sleazy Affordable Denture office which screws things up. You get a refund, and what do you do?


When the inevitable happens and they cannot please you, you plan a trip to the biggest dental scammers on the planet, ASPEN DENTAL! Evidently you never bothered to look up the denture complaints against those vipers on this very website!

Never in a thousand years will you have intelligence to go to a decent dentist who can give you good treatment.

You only think of going to seedy denture mills trying to cheap out for treatment.

What you will find at Aspen is they will never, ever give you a refund. Don't say I didn't warn you.


i tried looking up ClydeDDS, and nothing came up??? how do i immediately get an appointment with a TROLL??

i look at the tag of affordable denture reviews, you're on there OFTEN talking ***. This is a site to share your experience and reviews, not entertain lifeless hillbillies like you.

I'm 29 years old.

Sorry for my inability to crack out more than $5050 that day, you ignorant chump. Thanks for your feedback!!!!!!


You think I use my real last name trying to warn patients about these rip-off artists? I've made dentures for longer than you have been alive, lady.

And I am not shopping for patients.

The gist of it lady is you think shopping for dentures is like shopping for lawn mowers at Wal-Mart. It's not. Trade names mean nothing. These chains employ whoever will work for their tiny paychecks at the moment.

Occasionally they happen upon a competent dentist who works there for awhile. Mostly they don't.

I know independent dentists who make wearable dentures for a couple thousand or even less. You probably passed 3 or 4 of them on your way to the chain clinics.

By the way, you were taken for a ride with Comfylyte dentures. There is nothing better about them.

In fact, they are more likely for denture teeth to fall out of them. AND they can't be relined! (Bet they did not tell you that, did they?) That is why most dentists don't fool with nylon-based dentures.

The only reason Aspen upsold them to you was to fleece you for more money. Lady, you paid more for those dentures at Aspen than you would have at an office like mine or any other honest independent dentist.


She is so much worse outside of this

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