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I've been a denture wearer for 6+ years having been fitted back then at the AD location in Lenior City, TN. Having had a lifetime of dental problems, I couldn't believe the difference my new smile made! I could only afford the cheapest package they offered at that time but they looked so completely natural and the dentist himself personally fitted me! Over the past six years, my gums shrunk so much that they no longer fit causing blisters in my mouth. I went to the Dickson TN location to replace the ill-fitting set. This time I opted for the "Ultra Denture" forking out $1600.00 for the upgrade- BIG mistake!

I only saw a technician to be fitted. When I told her I had gotten my current denture at the Lenoir City location, she immediately interrupted me saying "oh yeah, we don't like them there!" before even hearing the good things I had planned on saying which I thought was really unprofessional considering they're the same business! She asked if I wanted any changes and I told her I was completely happy with the size, shape, color, etc. of the current teeth but needed a better fitting set. She made the mold and returned with the wax set for the "try-in" then had me sign a piece of paper saying I was happy with how they looked.

****DON'T SIGN IT until you get the actual set!****

The mirror was so small and the wax was so thick that I could barely smile. I couldn't clearly see the backside of my mouth. When I asked the tech questions about the fit and placement of the teeth (because one of the teeth noticeably protruded) in the wax, she assured me it would all be straightened out on the actual set. They told me to come back in 2 hours which I thought was quick since they were so far behind that I had been there a total of 4 hours!

I went back for the fitting and was horrified...I wanted to cry! Since I had signed the form, it was too late. The surface of the gum part of the denture was so rough it felt like sandpaper. When I asked her why it was like that and not smooth, she told me it was normal (coming from a non-denture wearer to a denture wearer)! It's like it wasn't buffed or smoothed at all and everything sticks to it! When I got home in adequate lighting, the gum shade is about 4 shades lighter than my actual gum- It looks like I have a horrible gum disease. They never even tried to match the color. I have baby-pink gums!! When cleaning them that night, I realized that after insisting I wanted the same size teeth, all of the back teeth are larger than my original set!!! The front part of the lower set is so thin that it looks like it's going to crack at any time. Also, the actual teeth of the "Ultra" set absolutely look no higher quality than the "Economy" set I was wearing and I plan to get them examined because I believe I was charged an Ultra price for less-than-Ultra teeth!

If you do decide to go to this location, do not sign that piece of paper until you've closely examined the actual set!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $1600.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Affordable Dentures Cons: Receptionist, Quality, Appearance, Practices.

Store Location: Dickson, Tennessee

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