Chattanooga, Tennessee
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I got a denture there in 2006 they lasted quite a while,8 years.While there i got teeth extracted and the dentist was rude. I just recently went back for another denture(upper)and they wont fit and they are made awful and i got the custom denture paid 455.00 for them.These dentures wont even stay in my mouth,cant hardly eat all.Im so mad and disgusted with them.They should have to redo them til they fix it!! This is not right that $455.00 is alot of money for me because i draw my social security every month.

Monetary Loss: $455.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Affordable Dentures Cons: Dentures.

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I went paid $1200 for "premium" when I took them out they had bubbles and black stuff stuck in the teeth.. took them back ..

I asked dentist is this ur premium they look like ***... He coyldnt answer so I got a refund


You can't get a decent denture in the US for $455. You cannot get any sort of decent denture for under $1000.

Making a decent denture takes 5 appointments minimum, and usually adjustment appointments afterwords. Plus fabrication costs are high when decent teeth and procedures are used.

You wanted cheap dentures and you got them.

So why are you upset? You want decent dentures, go to a good dentist and pay the price

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