What a nightmare for me I went there and had both upper and lower teeth pulled and they put dentures in that do not fit. The top denture does fit now but the lower dentures I have never been able to wear since day 1.

I kept going back for adjustments which never did any good finally they decided to make another lower denture, it fit a little better but by the time I got home they had rubed a sore on my lower gum went back they did an adjustment made it down the road and my mouth started hurting in the same place turned around and went back she adjusted she said, but still had the same problem amnd try to eat with them what a sad joke. I made another appointment only to be told that I had 2 choices spend 75.00 for a cushion or wait until Nov. 1st. to get them relined other than that do not bother them.

I ended up calling Medicaid cause they are paying for this and was told that it was my fault and that I should have not went there and after listening to Billie at the fraud and waste number that u are suspose to call in Raliegh NC I ended up asking her if medicade and affordable dentures had a scam going on where they rip off mediciad customers. I told her that my medicaid should not have to pay for dentures that will not fit. Finally she gave me a number to call in Mars Hill that I did that said, I needed to go to another dentist for a second opinion and they are suspose to be sending me some papers to fill out complaining against addorfordable dentures.

They have ruined my life I do not want to go out in public and I cannot eat. this is unreal and u receive no help for being done wrong unreal.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Reason of review: Cannot wear my lower dentures cause they make my mouth sore and they do not fit.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Location: Asheville, North Carolina

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Clyde I went to affordable dentures as a result of falling due to my MS and knocked out my front teeth. I paid $1575 for a partial to replace these teeth.

No government or tax payer anything but MY hard earned money! Unfortunately I am no longer able to work because of my MS and just so you know the government tax payers money will now pay for most every level of quality you may purchase!

Just to let you know small minded people like yourself are the problem for many people that can’t afford good dental care but aren’t eligible for your “tax payer” money! That is sickening


Expect taxpayers to pay for your denture, and see what sort of crumby result you get.Why you think the government should pay for neglect of your teeth is beyond understanding. You want good dentures? Earn the money and pay a decent dentist to do it right.


@ClydeDDS what do you so troll through the comments just to be rude to everyone? It wouldn't surprise me if you weren't one of those RUDE employees they have.

Regardless of what is done or how it's paid for.whe you get get a pay check for doing something you should do it correctly.

That place has been a life saver for me numerous times and I actually have had nothing but good experiences there but I will say they try to see to many people they could see just a few less and it would he an even better experience. As for you may be you should get a new hobby and stop being a ***.


I would just like to say to you THAT some of us take very good care of our teeth and having been put in the hosptial for a year as a new born having ivs the whole time eat my teeth doctor said that i would lose my teeth in my 30s but saved them till i was 40.the meds i was giving eat my teeth alive,but with me trying to save my teeth by taking care of them,is why they lasted so long, so some us on medicaid really do take care of our self,and before you say get a job trade me places i would love to be able to work worked most of my life until i became disabled,but i get my medicare too,but people who just dont take care of there teeth should be ashamed

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