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This is the 1st time I have ever left neg fdbk on a business. In 2015 I decided I should have a extra upper partial should something happen to the one I had.

It required 1 of my front teeth & the side adjoining tooth; I lost them in a head-on car accident years ago. I wanted it made identically to my current one. The one they made had so much material on the top that it was like wearing a full denture; it put a big space between my two front teeth which I have never had; and it was so tight that I was barely able to get it in and it created extreme pain. The new partial was nothing like the one I had & I was extremely disappointed.

They make you pay prior to picking up your new partial & Dr. Jordan refused to correct the inconsistencies. I have never been able to wear it but I kept it. I decided to try this office again and went in their on a Monday explaining everything to the receptionist pointing out the one that I wanted in their brochure which was the exact price I paid 3 yrs previously.

Saw the dentist 2 days later & again explained everything, showing him the partial he made me before. He brought in a model of teeth stating that that was the material they used for the one I wanted. It was a totally different material, much thicker than the first one he made me. He said in order to have the material I wanted I would have to spend $400 more then what I previously had pd.

How stupid is that? He was trying to get more money out of me the the exact same thing I received 3 years ago.

This dentist, Dr. Jordan should be a used car salesman and not in the business of helping people with their dental needs!

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I totally agree sir. I have just spent so much money over the years for an upper partial and thought that I would give it a try to have one just as an extra but we both see how that worked out didn't we? Thank you for your correct observation!


No reputable dentist wants to work in a sleazy cheap denture place for long. Places like this are a last resort for employment. The only dentists who will work at places like this is ones who can't find better jobs anywhere else- and usually for good reason.

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