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tv ad, phoned for info., was given the Nashville, Tn. number.

put on hold for 23 minutes, hung up, called backed, asked them to call me...After 4 hours waiting, called back, asked lady, what happened? she just continued on, without commenting, "what can I help you with"..told her probably nothing with an attitude like that..hung up, called the 800 number again, told her what happened..asked for someone to explain about the place that was going to work in my mouth. Tell me something...that girl stuttered around like she was reading something...I told her that I hoped they went out of business. I despised the personels' behavior..They not only didn't care if I came or not, they didn't even want to make the appointment...I gave them no reason to be so cold and unprofessional...they must have all been drinking or something..never such a horrible experience trying to spend my money with a company...they obviously are closing up or something..That was the most uneducated bunch I've ever encountered...Thank God I didn't push on through the ignorance and get appointment with a dentist who was probably out scooping up manure or something.

After all I was just one in a whole herd of cattle as far as they are concerned..IMagine what the teeth would look like? eewww eeewww.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

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In all fairness, you seem to come off as being childish. I wouldn't put the blame off on them when you were just as bad with your remarks.

You do know that you aren't the only person that they have to talk to, right? I am sure that when you called and asked them to call you back, that you weren't put first on their long list. Like any other company that has to deal with customers and calling them back, it goes by whatever order your call was received. So you can't blame them for not doing it in a timely fashion up to your par.

Going as far to say they were drinking and the dentist was out "scooping manure" are just mean comments because it didn't go your way.

I know it's your opinion, as everyone is entitled to their own, but c'mon .. that was so childish. :roll

As far as their teeth well .. obviously you have something wrong with yours to be asking about their service, so I'd say theirs looks great compared to what you have.

In fact, I know they have great looking dentures/partials. I had my done a little over 2 years ago and I can't tell the difference in photos from the natural teeth I used to have to the dentures I have now. Well worth the money, in my opinion.

Leaving reviews like this doesn't help anyone out. It's not a place to vent your anger towards a customer service representative on the phone.

They are just people on the other line that don't represent the company as a whole. You can't base your experience off of that.

Next time, try being a little more patient and a little more nicer. Don't expect them to bend over and kiss your rear because you dialed a set of numbers.

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