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I went to get a new set of dentures as my originals were over 10 years old. I got my originals at an Affordable Dentures in Rockford Il.

I loved them they fit perfect but after 10 years they had become loose and I wanted that same fit I got with my first set. I paid for the premium set and they took my impression. Called my back to come in for the wax fitting. I complained that the upper denture would not stay in my mouth and that the bottom had a bad spot that caused instant pain.

Dentist came in said to smile, left and the staff girl said not to worry final denture would fit good. I went back 3 hours later and the upper denture would not stay in at all and the bottom still had the spot of instant pain. When I complained to the girl adjusting she got snotty with me and walked out to the desk and started talking about me to another staff member. When she came back in I told her I was not trying to be difficult but trying to tell her my issues.

Then the dentist came back in with my upper full of a reline and pushed it into my mouth. 5 minutes later she came back in and nearly ripped it out of my mouth. They stuck it back in and it still was to loose. After over an hour of adjustments I had to leave as I drove 2 hours to get there.

I tried to wear the dentures but I had so many sores in my mouth I had to go back to my old ones. I called and went back a week later, I told them that a new set of dentures should not need a reline so they took a new impression and made a new set. Needless to say I had the same problems. The dentures were loose, they had rough edges at the gum line and were far to thick in material.

The *** was off as I could feel the left side hit first when I tried to eat something. I went back after a week and complained about the sores, the fit and the ***. The dentist said he would do a reline. I set my foot down and said no..

A new set of dentures should not need a reline if the impression was done correctly. I now know that the wax set should fit. When i disagreed with the dentist he got mad and said to just give me a refund. Which I was happy with but they make you sign a paper that says you can never come back to them and that its pretty much your fault that they had to give you a refund.

This office is all about volume, how many customers can he push through to make as much money as he can.

This dentist never spent more than 10 minutes total with me in the 4 visits I made there.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Affordable Dentures Cons: Made improperly, Loose plates, Caused me pain, Dentures were cheap looking and my front teeth keep falling out.

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Should have just had your old set relined at a decent dentist. It would have saved you a lot of money and hassle.


You think the dentist can spend a lot of time with you while giving you cheap dentures? Of course it is about volume.

That is what the cheap denture model is built around. How could you think it would be any other way?

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