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Went to get a replacement upper set of dentures after breaking mine. They were very friendly up to taking my money, but after that it became scary and horrible!

Rupinder Mann, DMD, was beyond rude, she was pushy and argued with everyone who came in with a complaint. While I was there nearly everyone was there to complain about dentures they had gotten that did not fit, were made crooked.....ect. She ARGUED NON-STOP with every patient. They tried 3 times to get mine right and while I was waiting for the 4th fitting I overheard her being rude and arguing again with another patient behind me.

He was telling her he was planning to sue her. I turned in my chair and asked her "Do you have to argue with everyone?" SHE FLIPPED..STARTED SCREAMING AT ME AND TOLD ME TO LEAVE HER OFFICE IMMEDIATELY THAT SHE WAS NOT MAKING DENTURES FOR ME. I tried to talk to her, but she screamed to the lab in the back to stop making my dentures and ordered me out of her office. The gentleman she was arguing with assured me he had an attorney and would have them contact me.

I called the 800 number to file a complaint, but the told me that each office is owned by individual dentists and they have no control over what happens in the offices. They were forced of course to give me a full refund, but it did take almost a week for the money to go back into my bank account. In the mean time I am still looking for someone suitable to get me some new dentures while enduring wearing a 13 yr old pair that do not fit. Hope you think more than twice before going to this dentist.

I am still considering filing a suit against her. Good luck!

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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She is beyond disrespectful and rude. I will never go there or refer anyone go to affordable dentures.

I wasn't happy with the dentures they made because they were to big. I told her her the dentures do not fight she told me go somewhere else if your not happy. And that's what I did..

Affordable dentures is very unprofessional.


This is 7-30-2014. Unprofessional is not the word I would use.

This Dr. Mann never introduced herself, was pushy & beyond rude. Her light was in my eyes & when I mentioned this she became irritated. Telling me it was fine & it was not.

She started yelling & screaming at me about the light as she was leaning toward me. I went to get up after I asked if I could put my sunglasses on to which she rudely said fine. When I went to get up she kept yelling at me. I said I can go elsewhere.

She freaked out. She was screaming & waving her arms for me to get out of her office. I asked for her name in which she took her finger & pointed to the name tag & said here it is. I also asked for a card & the name of the 2 dental assistants which she refused to give me.

I asked the dental assistant for their names & she also refused & told me to leave all the time this Dr. Mann was screaming at me. When I walked out by reception area the receptionist gave me the names. I was shaking, I was scared of what this Dr was going to do.

I called the police to have an incident report. The one officer who went in to talk to her stated she was loud & pushy. I am filing a complaint with the ADA today. I would NEVER recommend this place as long as she is there.

I never had this issue when Dr.

Sullivan was there.


Dot, sorry to hear you had to experience the same explosive person I had to deal with. I don't know how she is keeping her practice.

She is completely out of control. Wish I would have called the police now. But, the receptionist did assure me that my insurance would not be billed. But guess what...they billed my insurance, and the insurance company paid for dentures I did not get.

Lucky for me that I was able to catch it on a statement from the insurance company. I had to write a complaint to the insurance company and explain my situation and how she had thrown me out without my dentures. The insurance company did recover the money and took it out of the next claim her office filed.

But I guess she thought she could get by with it, at least she was willing to be dishonest enough to try to get the money. She is certainly giving Affordable Dentures a bad reputation!

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