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Nice until they get your money. Pressured by upselling based on doctored images/ scare tactic videos.

Incompetent assistant, barely understood English, basically is given free reign to do consults , conduct follow up visits on her own (I had to insist on seeing the dentist.) So many shards in my mouth 3/5 and I had extractions on 2/23. Dentures were far too big and too loose and long. Gums look like hamburger. I said I wanted a refund after they tried to fix this disaster by burning up one of 2 relines I am allowed for 5 years one week later.

I wasn't given a mirror to see the finished product and when I walked out to put on my coat my husband looked horrified; I knew something was off. I flipped out in front of the bathroom mirror. Never did I have an overbite, and this was significant, and I looked like Mr. Ed.

I had the dentist tell me I just needed to practice putting these in more after I told her that they slid down within 1 second and popped right up and I had practiced about 5 times a day for 20 minutes struggling to wear my teeth. The assistant poligripped the *** out of them when she was not in the room and they both looked at me like I was making it all up. The whole experience was rushed once I finally got in the back and painful, exasperating, and brought me to tears repeatedly , partly due to how rough they were with my mouth. This is the Albany, NY location.

Today is my birthday and I could not leave the house because I have no functional teeth and my fear of the dentist is at an all time high. I also had to fight for pain meds and received a megadose of an antibiotic and am shocked I do not have an infection by now.

No sutures either. Oh, and the receptionist got 85 dollars to watch me take that antibiotic and a benzo one hour prior, the equivalent of a simple extraction.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Financially compensate patients like me who had a horrible ordeal with this chain. If molds are the issue, get better ones in your labs; I am one of thousands, probably more. Apologize..

Affordable Dentures Cons: Horrible product, Attitude of staff, Rough treatment physically.

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Sad story about your birthday. The most important thing in making dentures is a quality impression.

To be done right, the impression is done in two phases, initial to make a custom tray, and final impression using the custom tray. Jiffy denture places never do it this way- they cannot afford to!Some people can never adapt even to good dentures. I hope you are not one of these people.

Only thing to tell you is have it evaluated by a regular experienced dentist in private practice. With any defects he chronicles, you can go back to Affordable Dentures and demand they remedy the deficiencies or give you a refund.


ClydeDDS, do not even bother trying to shame me as you have so many others who used this business; if the site is well run it will be the 4th time you will have been reported by me for being condescending and abusive to those in pain and out of money. You need to stop this obsession or stop posting on the site.


i read all your post, im learning a lot thank you!!

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