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I have wore dentures for over 25 years and needing another set. I live around trip of 200 mile.

Was told the ones I needed was the ultra that cost $1800.00 I thought about it but needed them. Was told to come back next day to get them. Went back again and got them but they had sharp jagged edges and bottom was so wide I had a hard time talking. I showed them my old ones how narrow and smooth they were but was told to take and where them for awhile.

I finally left with them and tried to where them but could not. I called to tell them I was bringing them back tomarrow. Went back next day and was told it would have to be after 1 cause she does all surgerys in the mornings on that day. Called at 1 pm and could not cause she will be in surgery all day as they were behind.

Drove back the next day and was told they was keeping $500.00 for there time. I asked what about my time driving back and forth. I was ignored.

Went home minus the $500.00 plus gas going back and forth. STAY AWAY FROM THEM........

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Darn. You drove 200 miles to go to a fleabag corporate denture mill?

WHAT FOR? A quality denture made by an old-timer like me cost the same as what you paid.

What advantage did you gain by going to that "Affordable" Clown Club?

Denture patients are so gullible. Any *** TV commercial promising to save them money they believe like it was written in the Bible.

Maybe a decent dentist can reline the cr@ppy denture you got from Affordable so you don't waste all your money.

I bet you drove by 10 offices of competent dentists on your long trip to Affordable!

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