December 14, 2018 i took a vacation from my job to go get some dentures they made my mouth bleed and swollen my gums they did 6 impression i got no dentures that day i got home rinse my mouth thats when my lips staterd spliting and bleeding and my gums swollen up that saturday i had to go to my deceased mom friend 80th birthday family gatering i could'nt go because my mouth look like i had a decease unbearable to look at they told me to come back monday all this happen friday December 14, 2018 friday, saturday and sunday was very depressing looking at my un bearable face i had to go back monday december 17, 2018 to get my dentures when the office personel took me in the room i showed her what happen to me on friday she said oh i will let the doctor know when the doctor came in and look at me she oh my god we split you i stated yes they did this on friday i had 6 impression she stated they did'nt give you nothing for your mouth i stated know they just kept telling me to wipe my mouth over and over she stated they should have put some vasaline on your mouth then she told her assistant to put some on my lips the assistant looked at my mouth like i had a desease and went and got a stick with vaseline on it laid it down for me to apply it the dentist came in with my dentures that was done on friday and they did not fit the dentures would not fit in my mouth the doctor stated oh my am not going to let you walk out if here looking like that am very sorry we are going to have to take another impression my lips was bleeding my gums was swollen and this was so stressful trying to see would the dentures fit after she told me i would have to take another impression this was the 7th i have mutiple sclerosis i got so upset i set on my hands she asked me whats wrong i stated am trying not to have a flair up because i have mutiple sclerosis she stated am so sorry she made the dentures and stated come back at 2.30 i stated to her i need them before 2.30 she stated am going to check with the lab and came back and stated could i come back at 1030am to see if the fit before they prepared them which i did after this i still did'nt get know denture and i was on vacation from my first job but i had to go to work monday 17, 2018 on my second job i could'nt go because i still did'nt have know dentures i had to come back tuesday which i had to go to my first job i finally got my dentures had to look like i had a decease i could not look at my customers face to face i was so imbrassed

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Very sad on your part !


I would try to find a black dentist you know he earned it You know them Caucasian Christian's ain't gonna give us $##+ we have to earn something worth something facts


Shut up with your stupid racism. The lady went to a stupid corporate clinic instead of an independent dentist and she got gypped.

She might have a strange allergy to impression material. It takes FIVE appointments to make good dentures. Hustlers come in all sizes, shapes and colors.

It is important to choose competence and honesty when you select health care providers. Not listen to stupid TV commercials!


Thank you for your post Being a black dentist we stress the importance of professionalism and trust within our profession, color doesn’t matter. We all bleed Red !


They probably wasn't even license them Caucasian Christian's get degrees without even passing good ole Caucasian Christian's privilege


as well you should be for committing to such a big undertaking without preparing yourself and your employers for the likelihood that the worst might happen and it would take many tries to get them correct.. which they finally did, so what is left to complain about?

that you might have to spend a dollar on some chapstick, since it was afterall, the middle of the winter when you did this whole thing..

or the fact that you had to not go to your second job that night because your dentures might not be ready yet, although you fail to explain how you did the job before that day without them.. so, buck up and be freatful you can even afford such a luxury and be glad it only took that many tries,,,


Good ole Caucasian Christian's always claiming Innocent's

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