Ixonia, Wisconsin

I went to the Rockford, Illinois Affordable Dentures office. There, I had the absolute worst dental experience I had ever had in my life.

As far as I am concerned, this guy should not even be licensed to practice dentistry. I was having all my uppers removed. That was November 17th 2014. He was incredibly violent with extractions.

Yanking my head to and fro to pull teeth. I could hear the breaking of teeth inside my gums. December 3rd, 2014 I went back because the denture he gave me was a joke and to painful to even try to put on. The pain was coming from the shards of broken teeth pushing through my gums.

He pulled out 4 shards then. I have personally pulled out 2 more since then. AVOID THIS DENTAL PRACTICE....I REGRET EVER GOING THERE. The denture never fit, it was incredibly misaligned and my opinion is his license should be pulled....if he even has one.

I should have asked to see it.

Also, when I was there on December 3rd, he mentioned he just returned from a conference on how to install implants.........IN MEXICO. Going to Mexico for dental instruction?

American institutions do not teach dental techniques anymore? If he has Mexican instruction, where are the Mexican prices?

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Often times, extracting permanent teeth, especially canines in patients with very dense bone, is extremely difficult. These teeth have long roots and were meant to last a lifetime.

Why then, did you WANT all your teeth pulled??????? Such a dumb decision. It is so much easier to save a couple of canine teeth with root canals, than do grafts and implants afterwards. Overdentures which fit over natural tooth roots are infinitely more stable than regular dentures.

Or wasn't this fine option mentioned in the great chain clinic you patronized?

I have taken plenty of implant classes, but none in Mexico. Maybe it was an American lecturing at a Mexican resort to give a deductible vacation to dentists.

People like you go to these horrible places to get dentures cheap, don't you? Why else would a patient go to these places?

Yet in your quest to save money, you get butchered and have to go somewhere else to have treatment finished. Next time, look for an experienced, reputable dentist who owns his own practice, and don't be such a cheapskate.

@Seasoned Dentist

I have been going over some of these statements from patients. You seem to be making it your life's work to demean and belittle anyone who would use this type of dental service, At the same time I have seen a few patients who seem to know you on a doctor patient level who ask how the *** you ever got your licence .

Makes me think your kind of an *** dentist to start with..Not everyone has the thousands of dollars available to them that you so called Seasoned Dentist require for your services.

so How about you just mind your own business and leave these people alone...BTW, Affordable Denture clinics are owned by licensed Dentist and as such are subject to all local and state laws for a Dentist just the same as you are...you do have a licence don,t you ? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

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