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Had worn dentures for 30 years . I only had to replace them 3 times .

Had 7 teeth left and had to have them removed because they were loose . (Floating ) l went to a dental surgeon and had them removed . He said the jaw bone was very strong and would do well . I told him that I was going to get implants .

He said he could do the implants but that I should wait until the bone in my jaw healed . Said that once I got the implants the bone would regrow around the implants . He didn’t make dentures though . I went to affordable dentures , they gave me X-rays , decided I needed 2 implants , lowers , I wear a full plate on top .

They also told me that I should buy the ultra premium dentures . They gave me a price of 3400$ . That would cover the implants and dentures . Told me they would have to do the implants because they had to use their framework .

Went back for implant surgery and then they decided that I would need 1 more implant to have good stability , another almost 2000$ . Went back for the final o-rings , dentist gone , new dentist .

Went back 1 year later for new o-rings . said I needed reline , 850$ said I would have to do this every year !

Reason of review: Ripped off ! .

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Affordable Dentures Cons: Bait and switch.

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  • Dr Snyder
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Wow! Instead of asking the first dentist for a recommendation of a dentist who makes good implant dentures, you just trot out to a sleazy outfit you probably saw advertise on TV.

Dentists in those sorts of places come and go like flies on road kill, and you are surprised.

Geez, patients are their own worst enemies!

By the way, to make successful implants dentures, surgeons work in common with general dentists or prosthodontic specialists to come up with good treatment plans. Your first dentist was right with what he told you.

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