Waco, Texas
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DISAPPOINTED!!! Paid for dentures in full a few years ago and was told that I was unable to get my permanent dentures due to additional dental work the Dentist thought I needed to have done.

Went back several times and each time was told that I needed even more work performed by another Dentist. Recently my temporary cracked and I contacted the facility for my permanent dentures. Called at 8:00am and was told that they would call back today. Explained my situation and that it was dire, also that I was willing to pay the difference because of possible price increase.

I now have moved two hours away and would like an answer early so that I can make the trip timely. Didn’t receive a call back until 5:00pm. Was told that I would need to pay the full amount which is the same as it was when I paid a few years back $895. First, you could have told me at 8am that I would need to pay the full amount, so that I could have made other arrangements to go to another facility.

Secondly, why should you get a gift of $900 and I receive nothing in return. How is that good customer service? I’m in the medical field and would never take advantage of my patient. I do not understand what you have given to just take my money.

I now have to find another facility and pay them for services and for an item I have already paid for. Thanks a lot.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dental Service.

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