Atlanta, Georgia

I went to affordable dentures in Feb.2013 to get my 7 top teeth pulled and they made a impression of my teeth. I waited all day to get the dentures then the dentist pulled my teeth and put the dentures in..I kelp them on that day and night like they told me to.

The next day I took them off and it like to have killed me. I could not get them back in my mouth because I had a bad infection. Went back to them in Greenville SC. And he have me medican for the infection.

After I took the medican for two Weeks I still had a infection..They have made me 2 pares of . dentures because they did not fit my mouth. Did not look like my teeth at all. Now this has been 4 month still infection and still no denture that fit or even looks like my teeth.

I have got a appointment with another affordable dentures in another town to see if they will help me because they will not give me my money back. I'm hurting and very upset because its embarrassing to not have teeth and I still have infection. Please someone help me. I'm on disability and don't have any money to just give away.

This place has hurt a lot of people and I feel someone should help us that don't have the money to give away to get or money back and make them fix all the people mouths that they messed up. I think this place needs to be closed for putting people in danger.

I still have infection and no denture been 4 months and waiting.. Get me at

Thank you

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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