Middletown, Ohio

couple months I went to affordable dentures in Middletown, Ohio..had a complete set of dentures made...paid $700.00...very POOR workmanship...I would NEVER tell anyone to go to one of those offices...Office staff not friendly,,like, pay all the money up front, and get out....Next time I will go to a dental office, where the staff and Drs. with education and know what they are doing . All the TV ads are sure miss leading on the services they say they do...BBB gives them a F rating....thick twice before you make a decision to go there...

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dental Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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Omg j agree with you. The assissant lady was rude, and walks around with her white teeth acting like her teeths perfect cause the real.

The Dentist i had was an ***.

My temporary denture which im still wearing after 5 years because the permanent denture dosent have the teeth lined straight, All different sized. Its ridiculous, 1,000 ive paid for all this...


For $700 you cannot get any sort of decent dentures made. I hope you find a good dentist, but you will pay 4 times that much to get quality upper and lower dentures.

It takes quite a number of appointments to do it right. The only legitimate way to get good dentures cheap is at a dental school, but the least I can imagine you will pay at a dental school is $1200.


Why are you trying to be stingy on something important like dentures? Should have went to a dental office in the first place. Serves you right.

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