Richmond, Kentucky
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I scheduled an appointment 3 weeks in advance, I Rrived 30 minutes early and printed out all forms and filled them out at home, so once I got their all I hD to do is sign in and have a seat. After watching many people called before me, I was finally called in 1 1/2 hourss after my appointment time.

The sat me down and asked which denture I wanted, the economy, custom or premium. I needed a full top denture and a partial for the bottom, I had just had my wisdoms pulled a month previous. I had a loose filling I was told on one of the bottom tooths where the partial would clasp on too, so they said the could not do the partial unitl that was fixed, that was fine with me. Then they told me I would need a custom denture Twice as much as the economy denture, when the only dufference is the type of teeth.

I told them that was fine but I had not really planned on paying more. Then they wanted to take my old denture and use it as a mold, even after I told them don't make it like the current one it was too short and the only way you knew i had teeth is if i smiled real wide. They insisted on using it anyway and told me to leave an come back a coulpe hours later.

I told them I am not walking out of here without teeth and I don't want you to use my old denture as a mold, it was their way or no way, I asked for my denture back and told them I would not use their service, and they were like oh well. You get what you pay for, and i realize I saved myself a lot of trouble by not getting my dentures their, I would not recommend to anyone to ever go to Affordable dentures, especially the one in Richmond, Kentucky.

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Using your old denture for the impression is a great method. The metal trays are one size fits nobody.

The concept is the same as the impression material reads your gums, not the denture.

It also allows the lab staff to study the discrepancies in the existing denture and correct them with the new one. Your loss, it's never a good fit when patient ave their dental degree from Google =)

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