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I originally had my dentures made in Richmond,KY.(Great service & wonderful fit), and they told me I would have to have a reline in 6 to 12 months. I also lost weight along with my gums shrinking.

When the time came I was nearer to Morehead, Ky. location and went there. After several attempts to get them to fit, and three trips when the dentist was not in, I ask for my money back, so i could travel back to Richmond, KY. and get them done AND they agreed. But the day I was going to get my money, they called and said the dentist had changed his mind, that there was no guarantee on fit.

I can not wear them due to the bottoms rubbing blisters on both sides and the tops in a bind making me feel like I have a sore throat. I have called the customer service and home office with no help or even a return telephone call. I'm not rich, living on a widows social security and a ten hour a week part time job Were do i go next? I'm running out of time and in pain from wearing them when I work or try to eat.

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Call the Better Business Bureau. I went there also and have never been able to wear my bottom teeth.


How would you know about the work of other labs that other dentists might use? Sounds like a competitor or an ex-employee with a grudge :roll

@Del Obispo

yer full of manure dude. Other labs - really?

Affordable dentures is Affordable dentures, whether in Richmond or Morehead.

Besides, that information is easily available on line, or via telephone call.


Ummm, each office is individually owned so services and experience is different in each location.


please contact the dental board in your state concerning this matter it is a starting to maybe getting some results. you have to be persistent and not give up.Get a copy of you medical records before you get in touch with the dental board.

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