I went to Affordable Dentures in Charlottesville, Va in July of 2016. I had several teeth on my top and all the teeth that were left on my bottoms taken out.

I paid about $3900 for a full Custom set of dentures! I went back twice after that wanting my permanents and there was always an excuse! It’s now Dec 2018, my bottoms have never fit! My tops hurt bad enough that I can’t wear them, I’ve called several times wanting my permanents or a refund for the difference in what a temporary denture was and the custom package I paid for and I got the run around!

Amanda claims she would call back it’s now a week later and nothing! Don’t waste your time on these crooks!

All they care about is the money! I’m filing my claim in court by the end of the year!

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Reason of review: Product not completed.

Monetary Loss: $850.

Preferred solution: I want the difference in the the denture I got actually got vs what I paid for!.

Affordable Dentures Cons: Fitting of the product correctly, Lack of customer service, Dishonesty of product delivery.

Store Location: 1928 Rio Hill Center, Charlottesville, VA 22901, USA

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I recently had a implant procedure done, wish I had thought of looking up comments before doing so, what I have read by many that have also had the procedure done is so true as to what I am experiencing. I will post more of my experience after I speak to whomever I have to in order to correct my issues,,, I want to give them a opportunity to rectify my problem before I make any statements


Hi Ray, I was contacted by corporate today actually. I’d contact AshleyWhite, tell her your issues and she will get you in touch with the right person.

Ashley.white.@affordablecare.com I hope this helps. Cmva531


1. You made a big mistake having all your teeth out.

Two canine roots left on each arch can make a world of difference in denture stability. 2. Temporary dentures are seldom worth a *** unless all back teeth are removed prior to impressions and several months allowed for healing.

3. Chances are small that the final dentures will anything but mediocre given the factory/ high volume type fabrication of this chain.


Lol well normally I would say you get what you paid for, but I didn’t even get that! I have 2 teeth on my upper left side, 3 teeth on my upper right side still intact.

My partial doesn’t fit!

And my bottoms are to big and won’t stay in. SMH nightmare on dental street lol.


Then you didn't have "full custom dentures" like you wrote but PARTIAL dentures. Big difference!

Just so you know, good partial dentures require good design and planning, and at least 4 appointments. You are not likely to get either from a corporate clinic like Affordable.


Yes as a matter of fact I did have Full Custom Dentures! I had a Top Custom Partial upper and a Full Custom Bottom.

I know what I paid for and it wasn’t a Temporary or Economy set of Dentures that cost me $3900! The Custome package at Affordable Dentures is consider Dentures that you can choose the color, the gums look completely different. The Dentures I have not Lineup right, don’t fit and another dentist in my area said the soft redline they used was horrible. I went to 3 appointments and they still made excuses not to honor their contract to provide me my permanents!

Thank you for Input but I’m not stupid I know what I paid and I know why I didn’t get! This company refuses to make it right o I’m filing suit against them for it!

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