I lived in Humphrey ark. I needed some work done,so I drove seventy-five miles to little Rock ark.

to have a tooth extraction, and a upper partial made. The Doctor pulled my tooth he was so rough, and my partial ,that I recieved, broke, the first week while I was eating bacon, so I had to take the teeth out to eat. I was so angry , I didnt go back to them. I fixed the tooth my self.

and made a real appointment with a local Dentist.

I did not like their service. I lost my money, please take heed to this statement.

Monetary Loss: $400.

Location: Little Rock, Arkansas

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Drove 75 miles to go to a sleazy denture mill. Any money you "saved" on the rough treatment was eaten up by the gasoline your used.

No telling how many good dentists you passed on the long trip. Boy, advertising must sure be effective in some people's minds.

Have you learned your lesson, or will you try another grubby investor-owned *** like Aspen, Coast, or Great Expressions?


Can it!!

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