I spent $1500. for their so-called "Premium" dentures that I CANNOT keep in my mouth. I'm all for the class-action lawsuit against these crooks who prey on the elderly living on fixed low-income. The teeth look as if a five year old made them and fit like they used someone else's impressions. When I went back for adjustments, they told me I needed to use adhesive from now on, but, superglue wouldn't hold these puppies in. The bottom teeth are so big that my tongue doesn't fit in my mouth and I certainly can't eat or talk with them in. This is not my first set of dentures and I'm sure I'm smarter than they want me to be. I cannot get into the website to contact them or write a review, they already got the money....why would they want to hear from me?! My next letter is to the Attorney General. Someone needs to stop them. Far too many people are being scammed here. Why are they still in business? They say when a person is satisfied, they will tell one person.....dissatisfied, they will tell fifty. I wrote one review several months ago, but it sure isn't on here for anyone to see..... hmmmm. Check out yelp as well. Businesses can pay to join and edit reviews and block the bad ones, WOW, REALLY? They aren't getting any stars from this pissed consumer.


Very unhappy


Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Lakewood, Colorado

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Lesson to be learned here: NEVER to to a health facility that advertises on radio and TV.


Class action suits are difficult to institute and require a specific repetitive pattern of malfeasance. If you're really unhappy, you have a better chance of handling the problem yourself or with your own resources.

The problem is currently yours, and class actions sometimes take years. There also has to be laws broken or skirted. Stay away from the attorney general ; the first person they will investigate is YOU, clear back to the date of your birth. They will check you for tax filings and collections in all 50 states (and the federal government), child support, previous criminal and domestic history, and much more.

They are not your friends and cannot be seen to help anyone who isn't lily white and crystal clear with no issues whatever. They are not your friends and never will be.


You're fearmongering about the AG. I suggest she make a report.


You wanted cheap dentures, you got cheap dentures. Making really good dentures includes a lot of necessary steps.

Most dentists around the Dallas area charge about $1700-1800 for ONE denture. It includes 2-stage impressions and phontic tests for tooth placement.

Maybe you can have a good independent dentists evaluate yours. I often do a trial reline with soft material to assess for stability, to see if a lab reline would be helpful.

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