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Do you perform tooth extractions only if I needed to remove

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Gabrielle Barley
According to, the company dentists offer tooth extraction as an option if they determine it is the right choice for you. They take into account a broad range of factors including your age, the condition of the tooth in question, the restoration works that were completed previously. Sometimes, it is necessary to remove a tooth to make room for dental implants. Each situation is considered individually. For more information regarding tooth extractions and other services, please contact Affordable Dentures Customer Service. The company contact information is available in the article “Top Affordable Dentures and Implants Question: Is Affordable Dentures Safe?” Please note that tooth extractions are mostly scheduled for the late morning or early afternoon.

why is my partial teeth starting to look crooked after 2 mths

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Gabrielle Barley
According to the Affordable Dentures & Implants guarantee, the company provides a 100-Day Denture Satisfaction Guarantee. It is available only at the participating practices. Therefore, if you are not satisfied, you have 100 days to discuss your concerns or problems. Depending on the issue, the company may need to adjust your denture, reline it or craft a new one. If you remain unsatisfied, the practice will remain your denture for a full refund.
Please note that some Affordable Dentures & Implants offer a limited warranty for dentures at no additional cost. You should contact your practice for further information.
Probably never right in the first place and now they will charge you to reline
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