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Receptionist/ secretary was awesome. I purchased the better set (premium, I think) I had 4 teeth removed, I got a temporary set that afternoon.

They never fit. I had them adjusted, more than once. When I went back months later for my permanent set, same thing. I literally had to pull pieces of tooth/ bone, that was working up to top, out of my gums for several weeks.

I am very displeased with my dentures. They told me several times use denture adhesive, a whole tube of adhesive wouldn't be enough to fill the space between my gums and the denture.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I'm scared! After reading all of these horrible reviews of Affordable Dentures, I'm not sure I want to keep my appointment for tomorrow. Anybody have anything good to say about the Tucson location?


Bad mistake to have all your teeth pulled. Worse mistake to have a denture mill like Affordable Dentures do it.

Why are denture patients such hardheads, always looking for the cheapest places to get dentures? Why do the almost never think of going to experienced independent dentists who can do a good job for them?


Clyde you must really have some sick obsession with Affordable Dentures, business must be pretty slow if you have all this time to bash Affordable Denture's lab.

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