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I Went in on 09/07/17 have upper and lower dentures reline. Cost me $370.00 to have upper and lower reline.

I Went back on 09/13/17 to let them know dentures were still slipping. I ask Affordable Dentures if they could Reline dentures make them fit better. I left & Cried because I couldn't get my dentures to fit better so they wouldn't slip in my mouth. I had no sore spots from dentures since they were to loose to cause any.

I can't afford permanent dentures and couldn't get my dentures fit better. Affordable Dentures 1. refuse reline and told me they reline only once refusing to do another reline. 2.

told they would only fix anything causing sore spots in my mouth.

3. did tell me I should go with permanent dentures to get a better fit.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $370.

Affordable Dentures Cons: Delivery service bad quality processing defective.

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Now you know why dentists always try to get hardheaded patient to save their teeth.

By your own admission, your dentures were TEMPORARY, were they not? And TEMPORARY means for use for a limited time, doesn't it?

Is it AD's fault you cannot afford permanent dentures?

FYI, $370 is extremely cheap for relining upper and lower dentures. For that price, it has to be an in-office reline, rather than a quality lab reline.

Quite whining and get final dentures made at a reputable dentist.


You say temporary but that's same as immediate and I was in the office one day next I heard the nurse or whatever you wanna call her tell a patient that immediate dentures could last up to 10-15yrs so that's Bulls hit on that one.. you say they're just temporary or immediate well that's not what the dentist tell their patients they make out too them that theyre gonna last a long time so who's full of s....


Decent immediate dentures made with high-impatct teeth and heat-cured acrylic can be RELINED many times and last many years.

Immediate TEMPORARY dentures are made cheaply because they will not be used for long. The acrylic is often cold-cured and not so strong.

They are not worth relining.

You wanted cheap and you got cheap. Stop complaining.

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