Arrived at the office in Covention Ga. @ 08:45. Signed in and asked if they could do a full set of dentures in 1 day. She said yes. Waited over 1 hour before they called me for X-Rays. Went back to waiting room and waited an additional 1 1/2 hours before they ever called me into to sit inthe chair. By then it was 11:30. I asked if they would be able to do the dentures in 1 day and then the answer was no. They could only do the mold today and I would have to come back tomorrow @ 10:00 am for the wax fitting. I said that I had to go to work tomorrow and that the earliest I could get there was in the afternoon. She said that they could do the wax fitting then but that I would have to come back the following day for the fitting.

Now the 1 day visit is going to wind up taking 3 days. When I said that they said that they could do them in 1 day at the front desk all that the girl can do is tto stare at you and say nothing. The attitude that I got from the staff was, "That's the deal, take it or leave it".

The 1 ting that they are consistent about at this office is telling you that people are not called in the order that they come in. They acted like they could care less and could care less when you came back, but they do get you in and on the hook for $70.00 worth of X-Rays.

Obviously 1/2 of the day was already shot and no they could not make them in 1 day.

I understand that I arrived at 08:45am. If they had told me at the front desk then that they would not be able to do it them in 1 day, fine. I would have left and come back another day.

The only thing that this place has going for it is the price. The staff does know the meaning of the word service in customer service!.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Store Location: Stone Mountain, Georgia

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I find it amazing to see all of these ridiculous negative comments regarding Affordable Dentures. Each office is owned and operated by a single dentist. As we all know dentists, like any other professions, have varying degrees of expertise. The Affordable Denture offices specialize in making dentures and extracting teeth. The doctors do more of these in a day then most General Dentists do in a month--making most of the Affordable Denture doctors very good at what they do. Most of the offices will do multiple try ins in wax to fine tune the dentures to patient specifications. Sometimes this requires one to give up 1-3 days with the office to get a new set that will be perfect in cosmetics and function for 10+years. In a general dentist office you can get a similar set, but it will require 4-6 appointments and about 4 weeks turn around time. So you can get a set in 1-3 days with Affordable Dentures or pay 4 times as much money and get a set in 4 weeks with a general dentist. The problem with most of you is that you have unrealistic expectations and you love to complain. You let your teeth rot in your mouth without picking up a tooth brush ever and you blame it on a car accident, or inheriting from your parents ("soft teeth"), or pregnancy, or other dentists messing up your mouth. In 99.9% of all cases its you who has completely neglected your mouth and now you blame the dentist (especially the Affordable Dentures dentist). He or she is only trying to HELP you. A denture is a prosthetic in your mouth, similar to a prosthetic leg. So it is mandatory to be patient and adapt to this. Keep in mind Affordable Dentures gives you 2 months to do this. They will do unlimited free adjustments during this time to help you adapt. Many times they will remake a perfectly good set of dentures if you whine enough. Many times they won't ever charge you for adjustments even after 60 days. Try getting 2 months of free adjustments from your general dentist in private practice.



--A very satisfied patient of Affordable Dentures over the years.


The "Dentures in a day" that they advertise is such........If they can complete the wax fitting by 10 am, your denture can be ready later in the afternoon on the same day.


Dentures are an artificial device in your mouth. They cannot replicate either the form or function of natural teeth.

It takes some time to adjust to a foreign body in your mouth. It can be painful but the pain should go away.

Patience is mandatory for dentures to work. But do stand up for service and make them fulfill their obligation.


Want some cheese to go with your whine???? The world does'nt revolve around you

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