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Wife and i went in for tooth extraction at the Hendersonville office and received temporary dentures on a friday. On following Tues.

went back due for tweeking. On Thursday went back because i still could not put teeth in mouth due to improper fit, wife's fit ok. Waited 20 minutes after 12 :30 return from lunch, along with other customers to find out they were closed.No signs or anything to show they were closed. Called Asheville Office who stated they did not know Hendersonville Office was closed.

I ask if they could fix or adjust dentures they said they were full and could not get me in.They stated they will be closed the following week and Hendersonville's first opening would be Tues.. I explained that i could not wait until tues. and all she could say was we will be on vacation next week.

I spent $9,300.00 at the Hendersonville Office and i have not received what i consider satisfactory service from Affordable Dentures. I want a prorated refund and i will go somewhere else.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dental Service.

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It really doesn't work to make dentures before a bunch of front AND back teeth are extracted, guessing where the bone and gums will end up. That is why no proshtodontic textbook I have read teaches it.The proper technique for immediate dentures is to extract all BACK teeth, allow AT LEAST 3 months for healing THEN take impressions for dentures.

When the dentures are ineserted, only front teeth will be extracted. Even so, there are a lot of inaccuracies with this technique.Too late, you discover you should have saved enough teeth for partials, which are a lot easier to adapt to than full dentures. Alas, denture patients are such hardheads.The sad part of it is that you spent far more at this flim-flam outfit than you would have at the office of an experienced independent dentist like me.

Think $9300 is a lot of money? Hope you can eventually adapt to dentures, as implant bridges can cost 6 times that amount.

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