Two Rivers, Wisconsin
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although Dr Ganley did a wonderful job with my filling and reshaping of my front upper tooth, and the dental assistants were very nice and helpful. (exception, front deck lobby lady needs to be fired)

Please do not have them do a Dental partial for you, you will not be satisfied or even close to it. After waiting weeks for my Dental partial, I was so excited to come there and pick it up. Only once it was presented to me, I was almost ready to cry. It was a total piece of garbage, the metal cast partial teeth did not follow my own teeth, not even close. every thing about it was gross, looked like I ate wire for breakfast. not to mention the teeth did not align with mine and the fit was terrible.

They did refund the $975 for partial, but the other expenses were not. In other words, I paid $400 for x-ray and small filling.

Horrible experience and a total waste of time and money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Yeah, pretty much old news $975 for a partial from a shyster outfit like Affordable will be junk. Lab costs are pretty high for cast partials that are fabricated correctly.

You wanted cheap so you got cheap- cheap junk, that is. Why do you think you should get a refund for other services that were performed satisfactroallyl?


satisfactroallyl? How about satisfactorily?


lol... good one... that @ssh0le has been going through all the reviews leaving insults to these unfortunate people that didn't know not to use Affordable Dentures.

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