We went to Affordable Denistry @ 6076 Ockeechobee Blvd this morning. It started out with a customer who complained she come back 10 times because of poor workmanship and quality of the dentures she had recieved. She complained about ongoing expenses and felt that after her initial output of money they seemed to be nickeling and diming her to death.

My husband was evaluated and we agreed to pay the $4085.00 fee for services he needed..Then he needed medical clearance which seemed reasonable, and his physician cleared him.The doctors office had called to say the form had been recieved,completed and faxed back.It was okay to stay on his current medications.

Then the dentist assistant Brandy called me for the doctors number. When I asked what she needed to discuss with the doctor, maybe I could be of help. Brandy proceeded to to be rude which was consistent with the lack of professionalism and appearance of the staff.

It's okay for someone to advertise affordable services. However the attitude and appearance of the staff should not reflect bottom basement qaulity.

Needless to say I was angry at this point that Brandy felt I did not have a right to make inquiries about any concerns they had regarding my husbands care.

I should have known any place that you can walk off the street without an appt and services can be performed by one dentist without regard to length time a service may require.

We will use our dental insurance which was not supposed to be that good and take advantage of whatever discount we can get and perhaps get more for our $4000.0 we certainly don't feel like we were getting enough courtesy and probaly not quality for what we were prepared to spend.

There was an odd comment made that since he was a pvt paying patient they needed to follow through with the doctor. Per the receptionist the only insurance they would accept was medicaid. What difference does pvt pay vs medicaid have to do with quality of care. MTodd

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Store Location: Silver Springs, Florida

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yes I too had the most horrific experience with dr.Guy Kapeten affordable dentures okeechobee Boulevard West Palm Beach Florida and to which he immediately began to extract teeth with then 15 seconds of novocaine injection to which I explained was not completely set in causing extreme amount of pain it is believed this doctor Kapatin is a denture technician and not a certified board physician. there are several greavinces file to the Medical Board and Fl state attorney general & Medicaid fraud divions in regards to Dr Kapetán to Medicaid Medicare fraud and does not respect or listen to patients highly not recommended !!


I had uuper dentures made at the Bluff CIty Tn location about 10 years ago. Pleased.

Over years gums changed and shrunk. Just went last week to get better quality and new ones. Other than couple rough minor irrating spots which they promptly took care or. Also had a lower partial made and seems fine as well.

Quality great, fit over all great tight and firm.Love them! I would recommend the TN location any day.Look very very naturaly.And now you have to have appointments there. Dentist and staff were great.

I am sorry to see others having such a bad time at some of the other locations. Good luck.

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