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Today we had a very disturbing visit at Affordable Denistry @ 6076 Ockeechobee Blvd in West palm Beach, Fla. the dentist is Gust G. Kapetan, DMD. He seemed okay. The initial impression of the staff was so-so. Professionalism was about 5/10. No appt neccesary. NO insurance accepted but Medicaid. Cash, Check or Credit Card.

Our first encounter was with a dissatisfied customer who complained that she was returning for the tenth time related to poor workmanship and quality. she felt the facility was very expensive and that they were nickeling or diming her to death.

We stayed because my husband needed dental care and our dental insurance is not that good.Works like a discount plan if you can find a dentist who will take it.

My husband was evaluated and we agreed to pay the 4085.0 cost for services he needed. He needed teeth extracted. and we were had selected the premium package.

It was then determined that he needed medical clearance which seemed reasonable because of the Plavix.We called the doctors office to alert them the form was coming. The doctors office called this afternoon to say the form had been recieved,completed and faxed back. It was okay to continue the medication.

Shortly after that I recieved a call from Brandy the dentist assistant who said she needed the doctors number. Which also seemed fine.While I was looking for the number I asked her what other questions did she have for the doctor. I let her know I may be of help or could possibly get to the doctor before her and get the ansawers she needed. She said she just needed to speak with him. and when was he last seen. I told her just a few ago. we follow up with his medical care routinely.

She then refused to tell me what her issues were. Became very rude and seemed to resent that I was inquiring about (her or the dentist) concerns related to my husbands health. Her attitude then became consistent with the initial impression we had. Please follow your gut. It is okay to advertise affordable care which we are all interested in. However you shouldn't expect bargain basement services for $4085.0 And with the number of people there as patients, the doctor should be able to hire a profesional staff. Not lollies or day laborers.

Affordable Denistry @ 6076 Ockeechobee was a demeaning and difficult experience. We do not recommend it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Monetary Loss: $4085.

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Very unprofessional and staff as well..Had a horrible experience at the same clinic!


I am also a patient at the west palm beach office and had the exact opposite experience. I orginally was seen in the office and purchased a the premium package last year and have just went back for my finals set.

I met with both Brandy and Dr kapetan on my first visit and found them both quite plesent,however the dr was rushed being he had alot of patients that day-understandable,but Brandy sure made up for that she was very knowledgeable of all of the services and treatment being that this was very new to me she made me feel very good about decision to have treatment at this office being that I have seen in several offices just to get different opinions on my dental treatment. Maybe the fact that she was very concerned about your husband dental treatment was not something that you were not expecting, :)



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