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I used affordable dentures in Covington, Louisiana off of interstate 12 at Pinnacle Parkway and the dentist was Gary Coleman and from the time he pulled what remaining teeth I had to putting in the implants were horrible now Coleman has went into hiding and implants have came out along with dentures losing teeth and falling apart in desperate need of a attorney

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So the question is have you learned anything from your experience? You went looking for the cheapest place to have your teeth yanked out, which was probably a bad idea to start with.

Even more incredibly, you wanted the miscreant dentist in this cheap denture shack to do implant surgery on you as well. Guess what? The whole misadventure blew up in your face. How could you have been so stupid?

If money was such a factor, why didn't you travel to a dental school, where at least the treatment would have been planned and executed well? Chances are slim you will get any money back. You will have to start from scratch! This is an important lesson in your life.

Learn from it! Don't go to any sleazy chain dental clinics again.

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