Conroe, Texas

After reading all the reviews which were really bad, I took a chance due to location and I must say that my visit was outstanding. Dr.

Wilson listen to my concerns and the outcome was beyond my expectations, I didn't over spend I received what I ask for the product was much better than I had previously. I will return for implants his customer service was rewarding and front desk staff was very kind from the beginning to end.

I don't spend time on reviews but customers are real quick to submit a bad review verses a good one Dr. Wilson you ROCK!!!

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Affordable Dentures Pros: Outstanding.

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its too late for fake reviews! richard is a con and rip of of elderly people you are a paid review hahahha he is a jail bird!


you cant get good dentures in a day, they look like walmart made them, ugly yellow one size fits all horse teeth!

Lisa W

They charged me for gum surgery i did not get and teeth i was told would be free but charged me 1000, they will be out of biz this year, i promise that!


this is fake, they do this paying people to give these bogus ratings, they committed credit card fraud and pending charges, its gonna stop, join class action law suit. 936 718 1432 Lety the doctor teeth destroyers girlfriend gave me my consult and charged my card without my consent at 4000.

its time for justice, fake reviews cant save the floundering fraudulent con artist place.

They call conroe pd if you go back, my lawyer is taking over! FAKE REVIEWS


There is no possible way this review is real. I am calling you a liar point blank and would tell you to your face if allowed.

This "dentist" is a *** artist, a thief , and the most inhumane medical person I've ever met.

He and his staff will steal from you as soon as you are sedated.

Just step out in front of a truck. You'll be better off in the end!


I was there in Feburary of last year and the customer service were outstanding I must say I went for new partials but Dr Richard Wilson look at the X-ray and determined that I need all of them pulled and I really appreciated the honesty and now I'm on my way back 11 months later to get the job done and looking forward to a beautiful out come




You are crazy as a jaybird if you think this cheap clinic is the place to get implants. Implants take a lot of experience, expensive equipment, and often computer scans to place correctly.

If you think this place has all that expensive stuff, you are cuckoo. What they will give you is cheap mini implants which will come out in no time.

Have some sense, man! The last thing you want to cheap out on is implants!!!!!


I have been there for an implants consult and this office does have all needed (CBCT scans) to do full size implants, not just Mini's, as well as a highly trained dentist. Dr.

Wilson is a Master with the ICOI.

All of his credentials are beautifully displayed throughout the office. You just have to look up!

Lisa W

no they dont and even use tools with out any sanitation, juan the unlicensed assistant went room to room getting tools to pull my teeth, the chop shop has 2 star ratings all over and ill not stop until they close! cons!

teeth are made by a machine!

one size fits all, and you are family or friend! hahah nasty girl morticia leticia and dr slaughter richards are a con team from hell~

Lisa W


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