future adjustments or re-lines. The staff at the office I went to tried to refuse to set appointments for my husband and I at the same time (never an issue when we were paying for each service) and we have to make a 3 hour round trip to the office.

After many many telephone calls trying to make appointments, we were made to wait over 2 hours for our morning appointment - the office filled and emptied twice - and then were told that it was my fault for being impatient - suddenly the office as a 'low cost clinic' and it was my responsibility to accommodate their inappropriate office procedure - to top it all off, the office refused to give me another appointment date- when I finally was able to accomplish this seemingly simple task, the office called me later that same day (suddenly they had time to make phone calls to patients?) to tell me that the dentist no longer wished to treat me as I was rude - so I said that was fine, send me back my money, all of it. This was agreed to. Then the office sent me a carbon copy of an agreement and release of all claims stating that I would only get 1/2 of my payment back - and the office person HAD FORGED MY NAME ON THE AGREEMENT!

When I called to disagree with this development, she said it was perfectly legal, because she had put her initials next to my name. So, I have an appointment with the State Attorney's office, will be filing complaint with the appropriate state agency, and have contacted a local attorney to pursue this matter.

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Reading this is like looking at my own experience. Evidently each office operates the exact same way.

Rudeness seems to be their trademark.

Because I asked questions they didn't like I was told, after I had paid $135.00, that they didn't want to do the treatments. I asked for my X-ray and was told that they kept the original and it would cost me $10.00 for a copy.


Actually, under state practice law the originals are property of the dentist, and patients are only entitled to copies. Most states allow a reasonable copying charge, but not all dentists charge it.

Next time go to an honest, competent dentist who owns the practice.

And remember that dentures and partial dentures made correctly and with good materials are costly. Pay a pittance, and you will get trash you cannot wear.


And you drove THREE hours round trip to go to a clinic like this?????????????? Don't you think you burned any potential savings up in gas cost?

Unless you live in rural Montana, there are plenty of good dentists within a 20 minute drive from just about anywhere that do dentures.

Again and again, I hear the same story. Patients go to advertising clinics so they can get what they think will be a "great deal." Then they get shafted and have to pay a decent dentist his fee to do it over right.

A lot of money could be saved by just choosing a reputable, experienced dentist to start with, instead of some *** advertising clinic

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