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It has taken me quite a long time to write this, after 2 family deaths and parental hospitalizations I was able to get BEST SERVICE IN THE WORLD AT DR TEJAS PATEL WITH LAKEWAY DENTAL downtown office. Early July I went to Affordable dentures for implant consult.

Picked a package including temporary and permanent dentures. Informed him I needed sedation due ro panic attacks and PTSD. I was VERY CLEAR about that. Was told of course.

Was given script for 1 Halcion to take 1 hour before appointment. Appointment was afternoon of 7-21-14. Went in that morning for a "fitting" (more like smear fest) told to go home and come back. Took pill as instructed.

Did nothing at all. Got there and informed them of this. No big surprise/concern from anyone. In the chair, I brought this up again and reinterated PTSD and panic attacks and asked where the "gas" was.

He laughed and said "we don't have gas here" and proceded to numb me up and as he left room I said I felt panic attack coming. I was left alone 10-15 minutes. When him the assistant returned I WAS NOWHERE NEAR NUMB! Told him that too, and he giggled and said it will be over soon.

Panic attack in full swing now I was crying out in pain, wincing, squirming and almost hyperventilating. He suggested that I keep it down. After the nightmare was over the poor assistant that helped looked dumbfounded with him. She was so empathetic and apologetic about everything.

(Even though she did not do anything wrong) Got to husband outside with blood oozing out sides of mouth and sobbing like crazy. I did that whole way home. Husband told me when I had to go back for follow up and I about lost my mind. But I went to make sure all was ok.

Told him I expressly told you about my attacks and PTSD. He shrugged and in snide *** voice told me "it's over now. Now let's take a look". Temporaries sucked!

Looked like I had big goose egg between top lip and my nose. Was told they were fine I just needed relign. COULD NOT EVEN CLOSE MY MOUTH! Scheduled 1st relign which they added more *** in them stuck them in and kept ignoring the fact They would not stay in because I could not close mouth.

All other religns went same way. Did not go to last one due to family death. Decided he was never touching me again!!! Never got permanents.

July of 2016, after year or so of family stuff, and consult after consult, I finally found a practice that is all about the patient comfort and satisfaction. The lowest rating new Dr had was 4.5 cause waiting room too cold! Showed them my temps and their jaws dropped literally. Girl that was there start to finish and after said she had never seen anything like those in 25 years of creating teeth.

She broke her knife blade trying to get lining out. I now have beautiful implants that fit wonderfully on bottom and upper dentures that fit so good I have to wrestle them out sonetimes. I will be requesting refund for temps which they can have back(they are useless) and permenants I never got.

Going to send copies of all correspondence to Texas Dental Board, BBB, and Affordable Dentures "corporate" office. Even though they are all franchises.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dental Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: 8316 Tuscany Way, Austin, TX 78754, USA

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To be honest, some patients do not sedate well with oral meds. My favorite is Valium but sometimes it does not do much on super scared patients.

Probably IV sedation would have been better for you, but that would have cost a whole lot more money and an oral surgeon would have had to have done it.

It is never wise to construct a denture ahead of time and try to extract a bunch of teeth the day it is put in. The lab plays a guessing game what the gums will look like after extraction.

Glad you finally did what you should have done to start with- found a good dentist in private practice to do the job. It is a mistake to go to corporate clinics that advertise on TV. No decent dentist needs TV ads to bring in enough patients.

Remember that in a year or so the bone and ridge will have shrunk, and you will need a reline, at additional expense.

That is the trouble with extracting all your teeth. Good luck!

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