Dothan, Alabama
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After many years of being a patient, the new dentist wanted to xray my upper teeth to check their health before repairing my denture. Cha

rge was $130.

I told her I had no upper teeth but she refused to see me unless I agreed to the xray. I walked out.

Went to another dentist & got my partial repaired with no xray! no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no nno no no no on no no no ono

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Investigate the service in the office in Dothan,Al..

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X-ray (refused) & a consulting fee was billed to me in another city, I refused to pay and won't go back to them.

Affordable Dentures is damaging their reputation and business because of "unethical behavior" by practice owners who require X-rays & consulting fee's that are "absolutely not necessary" for some people. For obvious reasons they are not informed of the additional costs ahead of time.

It's a scam and major expense for senior citizens.

Company Headquarters should not tolerate this unethical behavior by their practice owner dentists to make more money and take some action to stop it!


And that is the very reason you lost your teeth to start with. You are a cheapskate that never wants x-rays, much less regular cleanings and exams.

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