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I paid for the Premium they dont fit . I have been back severla times and well they told me that they could reline them but no guarrentee.

So I had them reline them . I went back not even a week later and they said that I just had to deal with it that it was not nothing that they could do . So I have called the toll free number again this morning and left another complaint about my bottom plate. Its either they are going to fix it or they are going to give me my money back .

Gas is way to high almost $4.00 a gallon to be running back and forth to Fayetteville , NC.

Location: Gaston, South Carolina

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travel to Springdale ARK from Okc OK

implants/post have been physically accepted by my body no problem there,the denture dosen't fit/seat properly on the post. DR.

that did the proceedure sold practice to another Dr right after installing denture new Dr refused to have anything to do with past Dr.'s implant/denture installed in my mouth although I was told that when newe Dr. arrived to take over practice that he would take over where last Dr left off.

NOT SO. Corp office is in Kinston NC

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